This privacy policy governs your security for the use of Qibla Connect ®. Qibla connect allows the user to find precise location of Qibla, Salah Timings, Halal Foods Finder, nearby Mosques including Complete Quran

Use of Information Application Requires:

Qibla Connect ® App requires following explicit information including:

·        User provided information

·        Automatically collected information

·        Real Time location information

·        User accounts information

·        Information required by third parties

·        Community embedded module information


1.    User Provided Information:

When you install QiblaApp it needs to access your accounts, purchasing information, contact information, files on the device including images, videos, audios, microphone, location and device external storage, which are required for the settings of use app. By accepting these terms the App will store all your provided information.

We are in no such trade of selling and sharing your personal and sensitive data you provide to us in the start of App installation. We do not ask for registration and in case we do then we just need your email address, age, gender, contacting details – the same information we ask you to input as the time of App installation. We can use this information to contact you from time to time either for marketing promotions or for the betterment of our App services.

How to opt out:

I if you want to opt out and do not want to provide your information simply

·        Uninstall the App by the standard means so that even your data from the cacheis removed

·        Contact us we will remove or permanently delete your information.

We do not sell, share and use your data without your consent!

2.    Automatically Collected Information:

Most of the time apart from user provided information; the application collects certain information automatically. This information is not any sensitive type of personal data but:

·        Used device information, Android OS version, device unique id

·        Caller id whether a call is active and the remote number is connected by a call

·        Mobile operating system and the type of browser you use

·        The way you use the application


3.    Real Time Location Information

This account and the application listed use your precise location of your device in order to give you exact Qibladirection. We do not send or share your location details publically or with any third parties for selling purposes.

4.    In App Purchases and User Accounts Information:

Qibla Connect ® has in app purchases which let the user buy some amazing features that are kept premium or worthy to purchase.  When you agreed to our terms and conditions for In App purchases we store your account information related to financial or payment activities just to minimize the case of fraud. We do not provide this all information to any else company or any government institutes.


5.    Information Required by Third Parties

We do not ask any third parties to use our user’s data nor do we sell your sensitive personal data. Only aggregated and statistically information is sent to the third parties for our product evaluation and performance. We will share your information with third parties only in the way we have described in our privacy policy.

6.    Community Embedded Module Information

Community module is added but in accordance to the community terms and conditions where users have complete access of reporting anything and can complain upon which quick action will be taken.

What Kind of Information is provided to Third Parties?

Only user provided and automatically collected information is provided to the third parties but yet again for services improvement. Ways in which we can provide your information to the third parties include:

·        In case to comply with legal process as asked by the law

·        User safety protection, user rights protection

·        Investigate fraud

·        Action in case of plagiarism

Who Else We Share Your Information With?

Those people who work with us and are in our trusted services, we share your personal and sensitive information to make our services improve and help in the development of some better features in the App.

How We Manage Your Information?

We use and retain your provided information for as long as you use our application. We store your information for months and then use for aggregated results for the betterment of our Apps promotion and services. If you would like to delete your data feel free to contact us at

Final Note:

By installing the application you agreed to our privacy policy. We are not currently merging, selling or sharing our apps to any other party or company. In near future if any such case happen we will send a notification to all of our users on their registered email address. We advise you to consult this privacy policy weekly so that you can come to know about any changes beforehand.