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Virtues of Friday- Hadiths about the Day of Jummah

The literal meaning of Friday is congregation or gathering of people for special Jummah prayer. Friday is the sixth day of Islamic week. In Islam, Friday has given special importance. Every Friday, a prayer of Jummah offer and for this prayer special time is appropriated. The Messenger of Allah Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “The best

You Will Be With Those Whom You Love

It is in human nature that a man cares for and follows the footsteps of those whom it loves and has liking for being with them. The relationships like family ties and friendships are established and kept on the basis of same principle of affection that one has for one another. The Islamic faith about

Hadith Qudsi App – 40 Ahadith Nabvi with English Translation

Hadith Qudsi is a collection of 40 Sacred Ahadith in one app. these sacred Ahadith were revealed to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Allah in form of a revelation or dream, and He (PBUH) communicated it in his own words to Sahaba. These Ahadith were revealed at different times to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and further