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Hajj And The Universal Messages It Conveys

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and is obligatory for a person who is physically and financially able to perform it at least once in his or her life. Due to its importance as a Holy ritual and the emphasis put by Allah Almighty and Prophet (PBUH) on its performing, every Muslim dreams to

Important Tips on Preparation For Hajj- Part II

This post is a continuation of Important Tips on Preparation for Hajj part 1. The earlier part emphasized on the importance of hajj in light of Quran teachings, and tips pertaining to general preparation as well as critical tips. The lines below cover the rest of the tips pertaining to preparation for hajj. The tips

Important Tips On Preparation For Hajj- Part I

Hajj is one of the important pillars of Islam. It is mandatory for every person who is capable to arrange the means for it. Millions of Muslims across the globe perform this ritual every year. Among Muslim it is considered as one of the most honored and holier ritual. Hajj is not a ritual, which

Young Age Is The Best Time To Perform Hajj

General practice among religious circle is that the youth of a person is dedicated towards worldly affairs, and it is the later part of the life that is dedicated in performing the religious rituals and becoming pious. Although there is no age limit for religious inclination, but youth is the age when Allah Almighty best

Sanctity Of Muharram According To Teachings Of Quran And Hadith

There are countless attributes that make Islam quite different from other major religions preceding it. The biggest virtue of Islam is that creator of the universe, Allah Almighty, has declared it as a religion of His preference that shall serve to guide humanity till The Day of Resurrection. In fact, there are a few verses

Hajj And Eid-Al-Adhaa – Two Gifts Of Dhul-Hijjah

Islamic calendar comprises of 12 different months, each of them having its own significance; “Dhul-hijjah” being the last of them and perhaps the most important of them as well, because it offers Muslims all around the world the honor of “Hajj”, followed by “Eid-al-Adhaa”. The two of these are considered to be the most revered