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Important Tips on Preparation For Hajj- Part II

This post is in continuation to the earlier post about the tips related to preparation for Hajj. The earlier post discussed some general and some critical tips that can help the pilgrims in performing the rituals of Hajj without any hassle. This post is a bit specific when it comes to tips for Hajj preparations.

Sanctity Of Muharram According To Teachings Of Quran And Hadith

There are countless attributes that make Islam quite different from other major religions preceding it. The biggest virtue of Islam is that creator of the universe, Allah Almighty, has declared it as a religion of His preference that shall serve to guide humanity till The Day of Resurrection. In fact, there are a few verses

Hajj – A Religious Obligation Of Great Prospects For Muslims

For Muslims, true success lies in submitting themselves wholly to the wish and will of The Mightiest, living their lives as a means to appease Allah Almighty, following all the obligations of their religion.  The religion for a true Muslim remains insignificant without observing five aspects, referred commonly as “Five Pillars of Islam”. They include