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Women Veiling: Social and Scientific Benefits of Wearing Hijab

Hijab women veiling represents a woman’s submission to her Creator and her connection with the faith. Hijab is a symbol, but in reality, it is much more than that.  Hijab or women veiling is a religious obligation, which a woman has to commence. When a Muslim woman wears Hijab she is obeying and submitting to Allah.

Islam and Peace- Hadith on Importance of Peace

Islam is the religion of peace. Over billions of people around the world are followers of Islam. There can be no greater argument supporting Islam as a religion of peace than the name of the religion itself. ‘Islam’ literally means peace, therefore, it seems quite unnatural that a religion that names itself peace can teach

Islamic Way of Life- Key Principles of Life According to Islam

“Islam” is an Arabic word that means “peace through the submission to Lord”. We as a Muslim submit ourselves in front of Almighty Allah. Islam is the religion of over one billion people in the world. It is the religion and complete way of life. Islam gives us key principles of how to live life

The Meaning of Surah al-Fatiha

Quran is the last book from the Holy books which Allah SWT revealed on His Prophets. Quran is revealed on last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Quran is a book whose topic is the man. We can say that Quran is the final source of guidance for believers who accepted Islam. We have 30 chapters in the

9 Signs Of Weak Faith With Reference to Ahadith

When it comes to the matter of faith, the thing required of a follower of a particular faith is to be strong in it. Faith helps shape the perception of a person pertaining to life, therefore, if the foundation of faith is weak, it is quite natural to expect the believer of a faith to

Last Sermon (Khutba e Hujja Tul Vida) of Our Beloved Prophet (SAWS)

The narrations of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were recorded by the Companions in the form of Hadith. After Quran, these hadiths are what help Muslims understand Islam in the rightful manner. Among these hadiths, there are some that are famous and every Muslim uses them as a common reference, while there are other narrations that are