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Some Beautiful Places to Visit in Medina

Medina is the second holiest place on earth after Mecca which is located in Saudi Arabia about 200+ miles north of Makah. Medina has important religious and historical significance to Muslims around the world. The city of Medina has Masjid-e-Nabvi which is the burial place of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Muslims around the world came for

What is Hijab and Why Muslim Women wear it? Types of Hijab

Hijab is referred with many names most commonly known as veil or headscarf that Muslim women wear to cover. Muslim women wear to covering called Hijab which is an Arabic word means to “cover” or to conceal or hide from view. There’s much more to the Islamic dress code for women than the hijab.  Muslim

Some Amazing Facts about the Holy Kaaba-The House of Allah

Muslims face the Holy Kaaba in Mecca Saudi Arabia for five daily prayers. Holy Kaaba is a cube-shaped stone structure that was built by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son Hazrat Ismail (AS) on the same foundations where Prophet Adam (AS) is believed to have built a holy place for the worship of the One

Good Morals in Islam | List of some good Morals

Islam is the religion of peace, love, and respect for all mankind. Religion Islam covers all aspects of life in which character formation is the most important aspect of Islamic personality. So, we can see that the goal of Islam related to the concepts, worships, and teachings relating to values, attitudes, morals, and behavior is

List of Islamic Golden Age Inventions by Muslims

Muslims golden age period remained for nearly 1000 years from 8th to 16th centuries. The Islamic Golden Age refers to a period in the history of Islam during which much of the historically Islamic world was ruled by various caliphates and science, economic development, and cultural works flourished resulted in a number of inventions and

The Importance and Significance of Adhan in Islam

Salah (Nimaz) is an important part of religion Islam. Salah is obligatory on every Muslim commanded by Allah Almighty and Muslim must offer it five times a day. Through Nimaz we can communicate with Allah (SWT) also it is the highest form of earning the closeness of our Creator the Allah Almighty. Adhan is an