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What is Islamic Architecture? Some Fascinating Examples of Islamic Architecture

Islamic architecture is basically depicting Islamic teachings and values in an architectural process that required proper understanding and vision which ultimately leads to making a right intention. Islamic architecture enclosed a wide range of both secular and religious styles from the history of Islam till present. Islamic architecture includes buildings used by Muslims for religious

Significance and Types of Sunnah in Islam

Quran is the last sacred Holy Book of Almighty Allah revealed on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who is the last messenger of Allah. Quran is the words of Almighty Allah which practically performed by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in His life to explain Muslims what Allah (SWT) said in His holy book. Sunnah

Significance of the Islamic Calendar Months

Islamic Calendar is of great significance in the Muslim world. There are 12 months in Islamic calendar each one of it has its own importance. The Islamic calendar is also known as the lunar calendar. Islamic calendars are based on the shifting of the moon and contain approximately 30 days in each month because of the

The Ten Commandments in the Quran from Allah Almighty

Islam is the best religion of Allah Almighty for all human beings of this world. Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last messenger of religion Islam and Quran is the last sacred Holy book which was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  The Holy Quran affirms everything that was revealed in prophets before last messenger Muhammad

Sins that can be the Cause of Greatest Punishment in Grave

Human beings made mistakes sometimes they knew and sometimes they don’t know how big sins they are committing. There are many reasons for which people will be punished in the grave that could be ignorance of Allah’s commands and His disobedience. Punishment in the grave and in the Hereafter is due to the displeasure and

Impact of Reciting Holy Quran and Role of Quran in Muslims Lives

Islam is the true, beautiful and perfect religion but all Muslims are not perfect. For the guidance of Muslims, Almighty Allah revealed the Holy Book Quran. The Noble Quran is the 4th sacred book of Almighty Allah revealed on our beloved last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If someone wants to know about the Islam then he/she