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Islamic Way of Life – The Key Principles to Success

Besides the pleasures and rewards of the world hereafter, the other major role that religion performs is of teaching moral principles to a person. Moreover, these moral principles are not just to be read or understood, rather they need to be put to practice in this world so that the followers of the religion represent

Personalities That Hold An Important Stature In Islam

Every cultural or social movement has some major personalities who contribute to the progression and effectiveness of the movement. Although the masses are involved in the movement, however, the important personalities are the ones who impact that movement and move the people in the right direction. The arrival and spread of Islam is one of

Importance & Significance of Muharram And The Glorious Day Of Ashura

The Islamic lunar calendar marks the beginning of New Year by the sighting of the moon of Muharram. It is the first month of Islamic year therefore, besides marking new beginnings it comes with additional reverence amalgamated with numerous blessings from Allah Almighty. Muslims in general are aware of the importance and virtues of months

Mandatory Conditions Of Hijab For Muslim Women

It is obligatory for every Muslim woman to cover her body when she happens to go outside her home. For that purpose Muslim girls and women use Hijab which is especially used to cover the face. The basic interpretation of concept of Hijab is that it provides security and freedom to a woman from lecherous

The Common Beliefs Christianity And Judaism Share With Islam

Among religions of this world, the prominent religions that are ancient and have followers that are prominent in numerous areas of the world include Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. These three religions have a long history, which is full of one opposing the other and striving for its own survival. The followers of these religions have

Islam Spreads the Message of Peace, Justice And Equality

Islam is a divine religion and guides his followers about all fields of individual and social life. The essence of Islamic teachings is that all human beings are equal to Allah Almighty and there is no distinction among anyone. According to Islam, one particular race is not superior to other for example Whites are not