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Importance & Significance of Muharram And The Glorious Day Of Ashura

The Islamic lunar calendar marks the beginning of New Year by the sighting of the moon of Muharram. It is the first month of Islamic year therefore, besides marking new beginnings it comes with additional reverence amalgamated with numerous blessings from Allah Almighty. Muslims in general are aware of the importance and virtues of months

The Common Beliefs Christianity And Judaism Share With Islam

Among religions of this world, the prominent religions that are ancient and have followers that are prominent in numerous areas of the world include Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. These three religions have a long history, which is full of one opposing the other and striving for its own survival. The followers of these religions have

A Brief Biography Of Hazrat Umar (RA)

If Muslim history be taken into consideration, several names come up that laid a great foundation to the prosperity and spread of Islam. Among those names, the one prominent name is of Hazrat Umar (RA) who was the second Caliph of Muslims and under his reign Islam and Muslims enjoyed great prosperity and success. Hazrat

Month Of Muharram And Its Blessings

The sighting of moon of Muharram marks the beginning of new Islamic year. A year, for which everyone makes prayers that; may Allah bless them and their loved ones; and they have a peaceful year and experience prosperity in each of its months. Every month of Islamic year has its own significance and blessings; every

Role Of Muslim Votes In US Presidential Elections 2012

The total population of Muslims in United State is round 7 million. Hence they form a strong community that has the power to manipulate the upcoming presidential elections. Analysts and experts have been engaging in fierce arguments about who will win the sympathies of Muslims and take away their votes. According to recent surveys conducted

Muslim Way Of Responding To Sandy Storm And Calamities

If the human history be analyzed from its beginning, it comes as a prominent fact that in every age there have been disasters and natural calamities that caused lot of destruction and death of humans. Whether it is the Black Death, the plague, or in recent times the hurricane Katrina, all have caused great destruction