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Muslim Way Of Responding To Sandy Storm And Calamities

If the human history be analyzed from its beginning, it comes as a prominent fact that in every age there have been disasters and natural calamities that caused lot of destruction and death of humans. Whether it is the Black Death, the plague, or in recent times the hurricane Katrina, all have caused great destruction

Freedom Of Speech; Islamic Views And The Western Contradictions

The latest issue haunting the Muslim world is the derogatory movie made against the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The protest and the fire in the heart of Muslims across the world had not ceased, that a French magazine came up with the caricature of Prophet (PBUH) resulting in adding insult to injury. The only reason because

Reasons Behind The Offensive Movie And How Muslims Should Respond To It

Every now and then the biggest issue Muslim world faces is a person or a group of people publishing, writing, or creating something that is against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In response to which the Muslims all across the globe protest in despair and try everything possible that emphasizes their protest even if it’s violent. Although

Spreading Unauthentic Information About Holy Quran – A Sin

Many people consider themselves as more Islamic and religious but they are unaware of the proper teachings of Islam and the Holy Quran. They take the belief from any other source which might not be that authentic, and the credibility is also doubted. Some sources spread false knowledge about the Holy Quran, and some people

Isra And Me’raj – Reaffirming Muslims’ Faith In Allah’s Might And Muhammad’s (PBUH) Exaltedness

There are several occasions that are deemed as a blessing and gift from Allah Almighty other than Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adhaa in Islamic societies all around the world, and one such revered occasion is Isra or Me’raj that occurs on 27th of Islamic month of Rajab (the 7th month according to Islamic calendar). This year, Isra/Me’raj

Islamic Beliefs About The Day Of Judgment

The infinite colors of this world and the whole universe have always been a great source of inspiration for brilliant minds, intriguing them to uncover and explore what inspires them and much beyond. However, no matter how colorful, bright, and attractive all this might be; it was never meant to be eternal, as told by