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Quran: Guiding You On Every Step!

Quran has given us the limits for everything.  It has guided us through defining limitations. Anything beyond the limitations of Quran will be considered sin. It has explained the things through four major concepts. Haram & Halal and Gunnah (sin) & Sawaab (good deed).  Things that fall into the former categories of both are bad

Quran Leaning: Understanding Quran Is What It Takes To Be A Momin!

Quran learning is compulsory for every Muslim.  Allah has made it compulsion so that you may succeed in your life by leading a life according to the teachings of Allah (SWT). Allah has taught you how he wants you to live and act. There is code of ethics in Quran for every field of life.

Marriage And Divorce In Islam!

Importance Of Marriage: Marriage and divorce are very intricate issues in Islam. These issues should be studied thoroughly from Quran Education know and understand the technicalities involved. Marriage is an institution in Islam, which holds a great importance. We can only learn the importance of marriage through Quran learning. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon

Flood Relief Efforts by Quran Reading Group

It is the time of great grief and agony that we are embracing on time which has struck again causing to be a national disaster/tragedy. Here we are helpless and speechless, but that was the case when the flood victims of our mother land, our brothers and sisters faced such a calamity against nature and

Sialkot Incident – Time for Muslims to Wakeup

It’s the moment of agony and great grief that the authorities yet considered to be provided and posted for security have failed again not doing anything was the case again and their silent spectatorship remained to be a big question for their entire existence. No doubt, leaving pondered, wondering the entire Nation and others. SO

Two Dreadful Facets of America for Muslims

This is the time for you to think what is right and what is wrong and with the advent of technology and media one is well aware of the facts around the world and this is where you are to learn and experience the true aspect and moral value of the life within oneself religion.