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Islam and Honor Killings

Islam is always inscribed with a solemnest charge of killing women who are found in dishonoring their families indulging themselves in dating or sexual relations with men. The phenomenon is known as honor killings. Honor killings are truly un-Islamic and are never considered as legitimate act in Islam. Qur’an doesn’t encourage Muslim men to kill

Women in Islam

Western propaganda has been very successful in portraying the misinterpreted image of women in Islam. They consider women as weak, oppressed and second class citizen in the eye of Islam. But the reality in not what is shown in the news, movies and stories. Muslim women got fair amount of rights and respect in society,

Teachings and Beliefs of The Religion Islam

According to Islam every new born child is innocent. So there is no concept of “original sin”. People remain guiltless until they commit a sin on their own will. Islam is neither an ethnocentric nor a sacramental religion. The followers of this religion observe no sacraments. Anyone can convert to Islam by his/her own discretion.

Does Quran Allow Forcing Someone to Embrace Islam?

Humans have been given freedom of choice and the intellect to observe and exploit the forces of nature and derive benefits from them unlike animals and other phenomena of nature which are forced to follow the nature God has made for them. The reason of blessing humans with power to think and observe is to