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Islam Is True Divine Belief Because Of Protected Quran

Different people in the world have different beliefs about the presence of the God. It is a fact that many strange and mysterious myths are prevailing among different factions of people living in various parts of the world. Almost all these suppositions are wrong and are not even close to reality. However, before discussing more

Islam Emphasizes On Equal Learning Opportunities For Both Men And Women

There are several issues and concerns people have regarding Islam. People believe it to be a religion that is hostile, that promotes aggression, oppresses women, and is against progress and civilization and so on. The fact of the matter is that all these are mere accusation and the projections of western media; the real Islam

Seven Persons Who Will Be Under The Shade OF Allah On Judgment Day

It is the basic belief of every true Muslim that this world is a transitory one and will finally culminate on the judgment day. On the Resurrection day, everyone will be accountable for his deeds committed in this mortal world. Pious Muslims will be rewarded with paradise where they will be the beneficiaries of God’s

Islam In The Rapidly Changing Modern World

It is rightly said that change is the other name of life. Everything has been constantly evolving and changing since the inception of this boundless universe. Stars are wandering in the immeasurable cosmos and planets are revolving around these stars. Similarly, human beings have also made unbelievable progress over the centuries. Starting from a simple

Allah Almighty Has Unlimited Knowledge And Powers

The evolution in science and technology has made the modern man skeptic. He now believes that man is the center of all the activities of the universe and he governs all its processes and holds in his hand how the world is to change and evolve. Although man has certain authorities, however, the qualities of

Freedom Of Speech; Islamic Views And The Western Contradictions

The latest issue haunting the Muslim world is the derogatory movie made against the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The protest and the fire in the heart of Muslims across the world had not ceased, that a French magazine came up with the caricature of Prophet (PBUH) resulting in adding insult to injury. The only reason because