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Teachings Of Quran That Can Turn World Into A Better Place To Live

The world we live in today is not the same as in which people of ages used to live. Although we have progressed and developed in the fields of technology and better living standards, however, the thing that has declined in that process is the value of humans in general and the existence of humanity

10 Great Tips to Raise A Muslim Kid

Children are the future of a generation, therefore, when couples become parents their primary focus is upon raising the kids in the best manner possible. There focus is on eliminating the factors, which they think bad and bring in the factors, which they think, are good and necessary for the upbringing of their children. The

Islam Emphasizes On Equal Learning Opportunities For Both Men And Women

The fact cannot be denied that in the world of today if a nation or a country does not emphasize and focus on educating its people then the future of such people is doomed and they can neither compete nor survive in the fierce competition this world has at present. Therefore, all the members of

Islam Is True Divine Belief Because Of Protected Quran

A Muslim has the belief that Islam is the true religion which is complete in every regard and there is nothing about the religion that can be deemed flawed or the authenticity of it can be questioned. This belief of Muslims in the authenticity of Islam is due to the fact that in Quran Allah

Kids Dua Now – App with Islamic Duas for Muslim Children

Kids Dua Now is a Word By Word Islamic Duas application developed by to facilitate young Muslim children in learning important Islamic daily duas. This app has word by word recitation, translation and transliteration of daily duas for Muslims to use in everyday life. Kids Dua Now is available on iTunes and Google Playstore

The Anti-Terrorism Stand And Preaching Of Islam

Perhaps the greatest threat that Islam faces at present is of saving its face value, which is being deteriorated and devastated because of its being affiliated with terrorism. At present Islam has become synonymous with terrorism and those who know something about Islam, that something is only the terrorist and aggressive image of Islam. Islam