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Significance of the Month of Shaban

The month of Shaban is the 8th month of an Islamic calendar. There are a few months that hold a superior status as compared to other months and because of this, they are given more value and respect by the Muslims. One of such months is the month of Shaban. Shaban is considered one of

About the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) Miracle of the Isra Night | Shab-e-Miraj

Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last prophet of Allah Almighty. There are so many miracles which took place in the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) one of them which is most renowned is the miracle of the Isra night. It is the miracle where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) escalated to heaven at night and met

Importance of the Month of Rajab | Month of Allah, Isra, Miraj

Rajab is one of the Islamic months listed in the Islamic calendar. Every Islamic month has its significance which is recognized by every Muslim around the world. But four Islamic months are most sacred months in Islamic calendar in which Rajab also includes. Rajab is the seventh sacred month in Islamic calendar. If we consider

Islamic Festivals and Celebrations | Religion facts of Muslims Practices

Islam means “Submission” to the will of Allah Almighty. Submission to Allah is necessary with heart and soul and also at the time of death. The word Islam derives from the root word “Salaam” which means peace. Muslims covers 1/5th of the world’s population. Islam is meant to be a complete way of life for

Virtues of Friday- Hadiths about the Day of Jummah

The literal meaning of Friday is congregation or gathering of people for special Jummah prayer. Friday is the sixth day of Islamic week. In Islam, Friday has given special importance. Every Friday, a prayer of Jummah offer and for this prayer special time is appropriated. The Messenger of Allah Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “The best

Celebrating Eid-Ul-Adha In The True Spirit

As is Christmas known throughout the world, so is the Muslim festival of Eid. The literal meaning of the word ‘Eid’ is ‘Happiness’ or ‘Joy’, thus, the festival of Eid is a festival of joy where Muslims celebrate happiness by sharing it. Throughout the Islamic calendar, Muslims celebrate two Eids, one is known as ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’,