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Islamic Pillars App – Learn About the Five Pillars of Islam

Islamic Pillars is a free educational app created for Muslims to learn about the Five Pillars of Islam in detail. Shahdah, Salah, Fasting, Zakat and Hajj are the 5 fundamentals of Islam that are obligatory for every Muslim to follow. The Islamic Pillars app is specifically designed to shed light upon these 5 basics of

Friends and Family of Muhammad PBUH – App About Important People in the History of Islam!

Friends and Family of Muhammad (PBUH) is an educational smartphone app developed by The, featuring information about His family and close friends. The information is categorized and detailed history about life and death of each person in Prophet’s life is included. This app is available for free download on Google Playstore and iTunes. Friends

Download Surah Rahman App – Listen to The Soulful Surah On The Go

Quran is the ultimate source of guidance and a beacon of light for the whole of humanity. It is the Holy Scripture of Muslims and for guidance in any matter of life, whether it is worldly or spiritual, Muslims turn towards learning of Quran as seekers of guidance and mentorship. Surah Rahman App: When it

Complete Hajj Guide – Free App to Learn How to Perform Hajj

Complete Hajj Guide is an inclusive free app developed by The Online Academy, entailing everything what it takes to accurately perform pilgrimage. Therefore, Muslims, who are planning to go to Hajj sooner or later, can make use of this guide inform of mobile app to know the Munaasik e Hajj. Also, having this app

Sahih Muslim App – Download The Ultimate Source of Ahadith

Sahih Muslim is the collection of authentic Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) complied by Imam Muslim and now presented in the form a smartphone app by The This smart app is for those are keen to know sayings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and also for those who look to authenticate various things from Sunnah.

Free Zakat Calculator App – Know How to Calculate Total Zakat

The Zakat Calculator is one among the many free smartphone Islamic apps for Muslim community around the globe to calculate Zakat on their possessions and yearly earnings. It’s a unique app featuring a very easy, but accurately defined method to calculate the amount of Zakaat (Charity) on your annual earnings. All one has to do