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What Do You Know About Islamic Virtues?

Humans have blessed with the divine favors of body and soul by the supreme Lord possessing four elements with distinct powers. These distinct powers are exuberant to foster new portals of imaginations leading to soul purification. Apart from these powers, the moral attributes reshape the inner beauty of soul pertaining to high distinction in sight

Marriage with Qur’an, a Sinful Act in Islam

Marriage in Islam is consent between two people for a lifetime relation that entails a bond and connection between man and woman. Islam a peaceful religion permits a person to select his/her spouse with freedom of choice as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) entire biography is a beacon, guidance for the ignorant ones to shred illegal, un-Islamic

Islam and Honor Killings

At present, there are numerous labels of negative connotations being associated with Islam. People all over the world fail to understand that culture and Islam are different in the Muslim population and the different acts which Muslims at present undertake because of their social or cultural constraints have nothing to do with Islam. Although Islam

Women In Islam

If there is one stereotype that is most commonly associated with Islam is it being a religion that suppresses and oppresses women. With all the clauses of Islam people get the idea that it is somehow a male dominated or male favoring religion that considers women as only objects and subjects that are under the