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Slaves of the Monetary Fund

Allama Iqbal says: “In splendor, in seduction and in grace, the buildings of the banks outsoar the houses of God; In appearance it is trading, in reality, gambling; The gain of one is sudden death to millions, Science, Philosophy, College, Constitution, Preach man’s equality and suck man’s blood, Want and unemployment, lewdness and intoxication, Who

Natural Disasters in Muslim Countries

When the earth is shaken with its (final) earthquake. And when the earth throws out its burdens, And man will say: “What is the matter with it?” 4That Day it will declare its information (about all what happened over it of good or evil). Because your Lord has inspired it. That Day mankind will proceed

Effects of Reading Quran on Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Perceived Stress Levels

Studies show that there are positive effects of reading Quran on heart rate, Psychology and blood pressure. There has been very little research on the effects of holy Qur’an on human body. According to research by, Vander Hoven from Netherlands stated that “Muslims who can read Arabic and who read the Holy Qur’an regularly can protect

Holy Quran and Modern Science

We are living in the age of computers, laser surgeries, advanced medical treatments, and cloning! In today’s world of constant scientifically groundbreaking discoveries, how can we accept that Allah’s revelation, The Quran, did not reveal this all before? Believing the entire world to be created by God Himself, the Qur’an revealed 1400 years ago contains

What Is Islam And Who Are The Muslims – The Truth Revealed…

Islam, the second biggest religion of the world after Christianity has around 1.2 billion followers who call themselves Muslims. Day by day, the circle if Islam is widening at quite a commendable rate, i.e. 2.9% increase in its followership per year, which is amazingly higher than the number of births which is increasing at a

Marriage with Qur’an, a Sinful Act in Islam

Marriage in Islam is consent between two people for a lifetime relation that entails a bond and connection between man and woman. Islam a peaceful religion permits a person to select his/her spouse with freedom of choice as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) entire biography is a beacon, guidance for the ignorant ones to shred illegal, un-Islamic

Islam and Honor Killings

At present, there are numerous labels of negative connotations being associated with Islam. People all over the world fail to understand that culture and Islam are different in the Muslim population and the different acts which Muslims at present undertake because of their social or cultural constraints have nothing to do with Islam. Although Islam

The Beauty of Quran Recitation

One of the miracles of Qur’an is that whoever recites it, even if someone doesn’t know Arabic language, will be completely obsessed by the wordings and teachings of Qur’an expressed in tremendous way. The one who hears Quran Recitation feels his heart trembling and quivering by the superiority of Allah (SWT). The Qur’an is not

Women In Islam

If there is one stereotype that is most commonly associated with Islam is it being a religion that suppresses and oppresses women. With all the clauses of Islam people get the idea that it is somehow a male dominated or male favoring religion that considers women as only objects and subjects that are under the

Teachings and Beliefs of The Religion Islam

According to Islam, every newborn child is innocent. So there is no concept of “original sin”. People remain guiltless until they commit a sin on their own will. Islam is neither an ethnocentric nor a sacramental religion. The followers of this religion observe no sacraments. Anyone can convert to Islam by his/her own discretion. There