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Treat People With Your Moral Conduct Not By Means Of Your Wealth

Islam given special importance to Moral conduct, it is a way of behaving well with others by showing your nice word and kind manners. When a person asked about the moral conduct, Imam as-Sadiq answered: “It is to become modest, speak honorable, and meet your brother cheerfully.” Most of the individuals put effort on their

Is Islam in Favor of Female Education Or Against It?

World has gotten to know so much about “Taliban”, especially after the horrific tragedy referred as 9/11 that served to perish the lives of more than 3000 innocent human beings in the United States of America. Ever since then, world media highlights any news about “Taliban”, a regime that operated in war-torn country of Afghanistan

Treatment Of Dengue Fever Through Verses Of Holy Quran

Islam is a religion much more than mere religious teachings and principles. It is in fact a complete code of life that not only teaches people about religious obligations, but offers them a complete set of instructions to live their lives accordingly. Importance Of Cleanliness In Islam Among all other things it teaches, comes cleanliness

Osama Is Dead – Peace Mission Needs A Fresh Start

World has been facing terrorism in its worst forms whether it’s World Trade Centre or killing innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Death of Osama Bin Laden who was thought to be the face of global terrorism is either a hope of peace or an ignition to a new wave of terrorism. Would the

And The Mystery Of Laden Goes On…..

Finally Bin Laden chapter comes to an end with the death of the most wanted figure on the face of the world. Few people in the world enjoy power, popularity, and influence at the same time, and Bin Laden was one of them. He surely had the power to influence, which made him the leader

Islam-isation is what Muslims need!

Freedom of conscience, new world order and international diplomacy are again under question after the Libyan issue came onto the surface. Muammar Ghaddafi is the Libya’s problem, in the same way Saddam was Iraq’s problem. However United States of America is playing its strong role in the Libyan conflict with an agenda of protecting Libyan