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The Sanctity And Importance Of Fasting Days In Ashora – Muharram

One of the most sacred months of Islamic Calendar is Muharram, which also marks the start of the Islamic Lunar Calendar. There are numerous hadiths and Ayahs of Quran that emphasize on the sanctity and sacredness of this Holy month. Holy Quran mentions it in the following way: “Lo! the number of the months with Allah

Importance & Significance of Muharram And The Glorious Day Of Ashura

The Islamic lunar calendar marks the beginning of New Year by the sighting of the moon of Muharram. It is the first month of Islamic year therefore, besides marking new beginnings it comes with additional reverence amalgamated with numerous blessings from Allah Almighty. Muslims in general are aware of the importance and virtues of months

What Did Hussain (AS) Stand For In The Field Of Karbala

Among days of Islamic calendar, the tenth of Muharram is perhaps one of the most important days because of its significance in the pre-Prophet (PBUH) religious history, and secondly, its importance in the post-Prophet (PBUH) Islamic history. The tenth of Muharram signifies the saving of Abraham (AS) from the fire of Nimrod, the saving of

Karbala Incident; The Message For Muslims of Gaza And Other Countries

The month of Muharram has great importance in Islamic history and beliefs. Historically, it is the month when Ibrahim (AS) was saved from the fire of Nimrod, it is the month when Moses (AS) was saved the children of Israel from Pharaoh by crossing the Red Sea, and it is the month when Hussain (R.A)

Month Of Muharram And Its Blessings

The sighting of moon of Muharram marks the beginning of new Islamic year. A year, for which everyone makes prayers that; may Allah bless them and their loved ones; and they have a peaceful year and experience prosperity in each of its months. Every month of Islamic year has its own significance and blessings; every

Countless Blessings Of Muharram Awarded By Allah Almighty

All praise be to the mightiest Allah, all creations are mere sign of Whose ultimate supremacy. For Muslims, even the whole life of worship and thankfulness cannot serve to repay the tiniest bit of endless blessings by Allah Almighty, especially the gift of Islam, which is not merely a religion, but a complete code of