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Ramadan Preparation and Reflections Before Its Arrival

Ramadan is one of the eagerly awaited months of Islamic calendar. The month is full of blessings and mercy that showers upon Muslims from Allah Almighty. Therefore, in order to increase their fair share in the feast of blessings and mercy, Muslims try preparing for the month before hand, so that the transition remains easy

Few Common Mistakes to Avoid in Ramadan

Without any doubt, Ramadan is one of the Holiest months in Islamic year. It is the month where Muslims change their regular routine, turn towards prayers seeking of forgiveness, and seek the blessings and mercy of Allah Almighty for the rest of the year. In the month of Ramadan, the goal of a Muslim is

Special Deeds of Our Beloved Prophet (SAWS) in Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is upon us. It is one of the most sacred months in the Islamic lunar calendar and Muslims all across the globe make special arrangements and preparations to celebrate this month and observe it with utmost religious zest. The prominent features of this month are fasting, the Taraweeh prayer at

Facts About The Origin Of Taraweeh Salah

Throughout the year, if there is one month for which Muslims wait most anxiously, it is the month of Ramadan. It is one of the most blessed months of the year as it brings with it countless blessings and rewards for those who fast the whole month and pray to Allah Almighty. Therefore, it is

Ramadan Diet Plan and Weight Loss Tips for Muslims

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is mandatory upon every Muslim and Muslims all over the world make special preparations and follow proper guidelines for this Holy month. In addition to the excessive praying and Quran recitation, one other factor that is a change compared to regular life routine is the diet plan. Muslims do

Essential Do’s and Don’ts for Ramadan Fasting

The Holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner. Muslims anxiously await this auspicious month in which they pray and praise Allah Almighty and receive greater blessings and rewards in return. During this whole month, Muslims fast from the beginning of the day from sunrise to till the sunset refraining from any kind of