Celebrating the Revelation of Quran

The year 2010 was the year for the celebration of the revelation of Quran in Turkey. There were so many interesting events held in different parts of the country. There were many activities aiming to create the awareness about the Quran among the masses.

People from different parts of the world flocked to turkey to see and participate in different events. At many places, what caught the attention of many people were the handwritten scriptures of the Holy Quran. There were both old and new handwritten scriptures. Overall, it can be regarded as a very interesting and very thought-provoking occasion.

It has not only created a lot of awareness about the Quran but also promoted a very positive image of the Muslims on an international level. Such events should be held repeatedly all over the Muslim world.

There were many though provoking things about this event. A common Muslims might think that how I can celebrate the revelation of Quran? Alternatively, someone might say is there any need at all to celebrate the revelation of Quran.

As the Muslims, of course we must be proud but also extremely thankful to Allah Almighty for the revelation of Quran. The Quran is the Hidaya, the guidance for the entire humanity. An ordinary Muslim can celebrate its revelation by studying it thoroughly. Other than this, it might be also a good idea to spread the message of Quran or even distributing the copies of the Quran.

Is it okay to present a copy of the Quran to a non-Muslim? This question can invoke a range of responses from different people. However, the safest option would be to distribute information about where the free copies of Quran are available. Anyone who is interested can order. It is always a good virtue to clear the misconception of the non-Muslims about the Quran and the best way to do it is to simply present the Quran or the relevant information to them.