Creating Ideal Islamic Environment at Home

Mother is the first learning institution for a child to raise the kid into the best of a person. Environment at home is the prime factor, which reshapes the child and helps in molding of kids into better Muslim. It is the sheer responsibility of parents to inculcate Islamic teachings and morals in their kids and instill the basics in order to fulfill the obligation later.

Nothing is impossible until one gives up. Parents should spend their valuable time on their kids so that the asset upon which they are investing are returned to them with maximum profit. Establishing and maintaining a good Islamic environment will put a positive impact on every member of the family.

Tips to Create Islamic Environment at Home

Children are exposed to the outer environment and adopt every single habit that comes in their way or they see frequently. Acting upon the following tips can help parents in nurturing Islamic environment at home and achieving their goals in character building of their kids.

Goal- 1: Hadith a day keeps a Satan Away

Make it a habit of telling a single Hadith to your kids as it will make them familiar of Islamic narrations and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Hadith is the sayings or deeds of our beloved Prophet, collected and compiled by authentic scholars, which are true reflections of Islamic teachings.

Habit of single Hadith will create awareness in the minds of your kids and their quest for yearning to learn more will familiarize them with the basics of Quran and Islam.

Tips to Achieve:

  1. Start from formal teachings i.e. to sit in congregation and elaborate the Hadith to your kids in a way that keeps their interest intact to it.
  2. Informal reminder over dinner or lunch, accurate time when all the members are together
  3. Notes over the fridge, help them in reminding the Hadith session.
  4. Family group over social networks like WhatsApp to share Hadith and significant tips

Goal – 2: Pray at Least One Prayer in Congregation

Why Allah has preferred and advised His followers to pray in congregation? Congregational prayers are significant for instilling sense of sharing in people who participate. Congregational offerings increase love and are a significant part to strengthen the affiliation among kit and kins. These are the reasons that have made Friday the Mabrook day in sight of Allah out of all days because of Friday prayers that are offered in Ijtemah.

Tips to Achieve:

  1. Set synchronized alarm clock.
  2. First person who is early-riser should wake other person. Job as well as Hasana!
  3. If your house is not in the vicinity, where mosque is nearby then prepare for loud and clear Adhan in your own house.
  4. Punishment rule for those who skip or are lazy towards compulsory obligations, an indication for them that they will face the same fate in Akhirah if willingly miss a single Salah!

Goal 3 – Recitation of Quran Everyday

Quran is a complete code of life that entails solutions to every problem. It is a definite legislation, which has revealed as an eternal and final revelation for the guidance of the faith bearers.

islamic environment

“This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah.” [Quran 2:2]

It is the absolute responsibility of parents to make their kids strong connection with this sacred narration which will intercede for them at the Day of Reckoning when no one would be there to safeguard them from the wrath of Allah and hell fire.

Tips to Achieve:

  1. Start from the recitation of Surah Yaseen, Surah Rahman, and Surah Mulk as they are the imperative and reverend Surah of Quran that holds hundreds of virtues. Start the custom to recite these Quran chapters in the morning so that the start of the day be in the name of Allah and protection form satanic pugnacities.
  2. Fix a Salah after which all the members of the family can recite a Surah or part of Quran.
  3. Recitation merely is not important hence make it your kid responsibility alternatively to memorize the translation of recited Surah or verses to elaborate the teachings or Commandments of Allah.

Goal 4: Construct a Library in Home

Books are the fundamental and foremost portals towards imparting education. Make a library, which holds entire collection of authentic Hadiths and Sacred narrations that helps to increase knowledge about every aspect, obligation, and rituals related to religion Islam.

Tips to Achieve:

  1. Select room and compile book shelve in accordance to Islamic books.
  2. If book reading is a daunting task for them ask them to make e collection to read from there when deem appropriate and convenient.
  3. Encouraging stories will help in keeping their interest alive in books and narrations.

Goal 5 – Keep Check on Kids

Technology era has glittery attractions that can deviate kids from righteous path. Keep deep eye on your kids without realizing them that you have kept keen eye on them they will devise ways to cheat upon you.

Check what they are watching on their devices and monitor their activities. Check with whom they spend much of their time and what are their interests, this all will help in clear evaluation of your kid’s behavior.

Tips to Achieve:

  1. Ask them to watch Islamic shows with you that you think can be helpful for them.
  2. Help them in downloading Islamic Apps or games, which are solely designed to educate kids or enlighten their hearts with Quranic teachings.

In order to make your kids a perfect Muslim or best human being then you have to walk the talk instead talk the talk. Parents will be the one who will be accountable for the behavior and teachings of kids in front of Allah hence fulfill your responsibly so that they can become source of absolution in Akhira for you by creating and maintaining Islamic enrich environment at your home.

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