Download Surah Muzzammil with MP3 Recitation and Translation

Surah Muzammil is a chapter of Quran which is now available in form of smartphone application and is given the name “Surah Muzammil”. It is a Smart phone application, which is developed by the (a specialized e-learning Institute that offers services in learning the Holy Quran). It contains is the 73rd Chapter of the Sacred Book of Allah SWT, Surah Al-Muzammil, which was revealed on the Holy Prophet ﷺ in Makkah. It assists Muslims throughout the world in comprehending this chapter of Quran Majeed with its reading and listening characteristics and great graphics yet with easy to employ user interface.

Surah Muzzammil


The application of Surah Muzammil offers Translation of Quranic Ayats in Engish, which result in better understanding the exact meaning of these holy verses. The Transliteration feature assists in knowing about the correct way of recitation of the lines of Surah al-Muzammil. This app could be utilized anywhere anytime in the world.

Muzammil app features


Some of the most distinguished features of this app include:

  1. Audio Recitation of all 20 verses of Surah Al-Muzammil in conjunction with Stop and Pause options is offered to help the user better understand recital process
  2. Beautiful and rhythmic voices of four famous Muslim Quran Reciters: Al-Ghamidi, Al-Afsay, Al-Sudais and Al-Shatri are also incorporated to suit user`s liking
  3. Translation in English choice lets individual recognize the accurate connotation of the sanctified lines of this chapter
  4. Transliteration characteristic helps in identification with the right way of pronouncing the Holy verses of this Surah
  5. Different light colored Backgrounds are also included letting the user set one as per its own preference
  6. Font size can be changed to small, medium and large to increase visibility of the holy verses
  7. Go to option helps in jumping directly to a  specific Ayah of Surah Al-Muzammil
  8. Last read choice assists in finding the earlier read verse of this chapter
  9. Share option is also integrated helping the user to hand out this beautiful app to others

Muzammil with translation

Download this free and easy to use Smart phone application of Surah Muzammil to benefit from great features of Translation, Transliteration, and Audio Recitation etc. to best understand the teachings in of this blessed chapter of the Holy Quran.

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