Islam-isation is what Muslims need!

Freedom of conscience, new world order and international diplomacy are again under question after the Libyan issue came onto the surface. Muammar Ghaddafi is the Libya’s problem, in the same way Saddam was Iraq’s problem. However United States of America is playing its strong role in the Libyan conflict with an agenda of protecting Libyan people and pressurizing the Ghaddafi regime.

US On Libya:

Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said the decision sends a “strong message” to Qaddafi that the violence against his own people must stop. “This resolution was designed to do two important things,” she said after the vote. “Protect civilians as well as strengthen the pressure on the Qaddafi regime through a substantial tightening of sanctions.”

UN On Libya:

Though United Nation has made Libyan geography a no fly zone yet the UN mandate has not been respected by the super-power of the world. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday that a U.N. no-fly zone over Libya “requires certain actions taken to protect the planes and the pilots, including bombing targets like the Libyan defense systems”.

This shows that America is at its new mission now. This is America-Libya this time.  Ghaffai was the leader of Libya from decades, then why did US take so long to create a soft corner in their hearts for the people of Libya?  Are Libyan attacks justified?

This is Libya’s issue. However most of the Muslim countries are going through the same issues. Egypt was the last one to see a revolution. The condition of Bahrain is in front of the world.  This is the start of Arab uprising which is expected to be severe in the coming years. However, the Saudi regime is thought to be the same, since the whole Ummah demands it to be this way. This is due to the holiness of the Saudi land.

New World Order:

The world is going towards a new world order, if we witness the whole scenario on a broader canvas.  The new world order talks about the globalist agenda referring to a bureaucratic one world government system.  The world has witnessed authoritarian governments in the past as well. In the same way the sovereign nation- states concept is under question now.

Iraq war – Afghanistan war – Libyan attacks, it is now clear that where the world is heading to. The road to new world goes through the Muslim regimes first. It is due to the problems of the Muslims these days. Muslims have got their base weak. Their base is nothing, but Quran.

Strategy For Muslims:

It is the result of this distance between Muslims and their base that Muslims are in state of instability. No matter you talk about the political instabilities or the economic ones or even the social ones. Muslims nations are the victim of these instabilities. From Morocco to Bangladesh, Muslims are in circumstances of misery. The reason is simple, yet they do not realize, how important is to strengthen their base. Their foundation is Quran and they need to make Quran learning their strategy against all these issues. Once they strengthen their foundation, all their issued will be automatically solved down.

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