Osama Is Dead – Peace Mission Needs A Fresh Start

World has been facing terrorism in its worst forms whether it’s World Trade Centre or killing innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Death of Osama Bin Laden who was thought to be the face of global terrorism is either a hope of peace or an ignition to a new wave of terrorism. Would the world become a peaceful heaven after him or more threats of furious terrorist attacks are there? Past is always lost, but lessons learned from past guide for a better future. This is the need of the hour.

Global Peace Needs Right Definition

Before we go for efforts to promote global peace, it is important to define it first. Global peace is an ideal approach of freedom, harmony, and happiness prevailing among nations and people comprising the nations.  A non-violent environment in which nations cooperate with each other through proper governance system and contribute toward removing the chances of warfare.

Osama Is No More – Now End The Violence

Osama’s death being celebrated in many parts of the world as unforgettable moment, but at the same time it has given rise to many questions. What things and what actions are needed to stop others becoming Osama? Is there any need to learn and teach Quran in a fair way instead of promoting sectarianism? Yes; there is a serious need to revise the entire thinking and acting procedure at the end of Western countries.

A Bigger Challenge Is Here For America

WTC incident had made America furious about Al-Qaida and its sympathizers. Osama’s death is obviously a big victory for the current American Government as it will help the future election campaigns as well. It was a challenge for American authorities and concern for American people to capture the person who was considered mastermind behind the brutal WTC attack. But, believe it; the real challenge starts now once Osama is no more in this world. Following questions need answers:

  • How to convert his sympathizers into peace promoters?
  • How to stop brain washing of innocent people even children to prevent suicide attacks?
  • How to help countries for rebuilding and growing?
  • How to promote democracy and negate dictatorship without any interference? (Let the decision be made by masses of a country and not being dictated externally)

Start thinking about reasons that let people become terrorists and address the root causes.

Divert Budgets From War To Peace Activities

If we say that capturing and killing Osama has consumed extra- ordinary budgets then it would not be wrong. An estimated worldwide military spending is $800 billion per year; a huge amount, no doubt. Now, it is the time to divert the budget expenditure from military toward social reconstruction in poor and war-hit countries. Afghanistan and many other countries have seen destruction because of terrorism and also war against terrorism. There is a need of rebuilding and all the developed countries should start participating in the noble effort that is their collective responsibility as well. It’s better to distribute funding at lowest levels rather than going through intermediaries.

Promote Education – Help Awareness

Education is the only thing that can help ending people becoming terrorists. It’s not about the top most terror faces, but the real “weapons” used for terrorist activities are illiterate people, empty minded children who might not have attended schools to know what’s the world is all about. Give them education and enable them to distinguish between right and wrong so that they wouldn’t become victim of brain washing.

Eradicate Poverty – The Real Cause

Poverty helps people becoming part of illegal and unethical activities. Most of the terrorists’ sympathizers and supporters are poor people.  A person who doesn’t have enough to satisfy the food needs of his family will surely think about any “money making” activity. Start hitting this aspect that is well recognized by terrorists.

Accept Religions – Bring Inter-Faith Harmony

One major emotional weapon used either by Osama or his sympathisers is the religion. Think the other way. Why they have thought west as enemy of Islam? Are there any policies that go against Muslims or any other particular religion or sect? Accept world religions and sects as they are just a source of identity, not a matter to indulge in war. Quran and all other Holy Books stress peace and harmony among religions; that’s what the developed countries need to realise, accept, and promote.

Accept Rights As You Demand

Another very important factor that promotes unrest among masses of countries and that may lead toward terrorism is the unfair attitude of developed countries toward developing countries. Accept the same rights for other countries as one expect to be respected for its people. If there is a partial support toward one country and not for the others in that geographical area then that will give rise to negative thoughts among people of that particular country. America and other countries in west should think about this very important aspect if they are serious in removing terrorism in true sense.

Resolve The Conflicts

Terrorism gets help from conflicts among nations. It’s the responsibility of America, being the super power, and other influential countries to promote peace talks over disputes and help countries resolve their conflicts in a fair way.

Peaceful world is a dream of anyone whether he is residing in America, Afghanistan, or Iraq. Unless right efforts are not put together for peace mission, there is no hope to see a better picture even after death of Osama. Eradicating the root causes that promote terrorism will help the global peace in real sense.

Let’s start thinking about a world where everyone is considered a human being, rather than becoming victim of religious or sectarian hatred. It’s an idealistic approach, but we can achieve a little bit of it through collective efforts.

Join hands for global peace!