Marriage And Divorce In Islam!

Importance Of Marriage: Marriage and divorce are very intricate issues in Islam. These issues should be studied thoroughly from Quran Education know and understand the technicalities involved. Marriage is an institution in Islam, which holds a great importance. We can only learn the importance of marriage through Quran learning. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon

Quran: Learn Quran And Seek The Light, Which Would Lead You To The Right Path!

Quran is the ultimate source of light for Muslims. To seek this light one needs to learn Quran. The importance of the text of Quran cannot be doubted or questions. At the same time, the significance of learning Quran with translation holds a great strength. There are number of issue in the daily life of

Know What Radical Islam And Islamic Fundamentalism Is?

The Holy Quran is the book of guidance from Allah (SWT) and it has everything in it. It gives the solution to the mankind about their problems.  The Holy Quran, Hadith and Fiqh are the sources one must consult in order to practice Islam. The radical Islam or Islamic fundamentalism is a very confused term. 

Islam Is The Middle Way

People have this perception that practicing Islam is very difficult because it is restrictive; however the reality is that it is a very balanced way of living. One thing we need to understand that people only perceive that Islam is restrictive and perception is not reality rather perception becomes reality for someone on individual basis.

Quran Is The Way Of Getting Mercy From Allah Ta’ala

Quran teaches us the way how should we respond according to situations and how should we spend our lives. no matter it’s the matter of Imaan (belief), Ibadat (worship), relationships, socio economic system, societal values, politics etc Quran is the way which guides us. We all know this world is not long lasting, one day

Quran Is The Way To Get Satisfaction

Every one of us looks for satisfaction and success.  People find it in materialistic things such as money, cars, luxurious homes etc. Allah has put satisfaction in His Dhikr (remembering of Allah). Allah says in Quran : “Lo! The zikr of Allah provides satisfaction for the hearts.”  If your heart is satisfied then you will