Make Your Ramadan 2016 a Transformation Experience

We are living in the world of flamboyant glittering where the gold attracts and old nullified, where humanity has no cost but cheating makes you a millionaire, where a single blot of evil makes you a terrorist and a good virtue done is forgotten, where all Muslim rituals have become a burden rather a blessing

Signs Indicating That You Truly Love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Love is intense in its feelings and can only be proved by actions. At times, it leads us to total maverick feelings and on the other hand dumps us in abyss. The one who love and the one who is being loved can never grasp the intimacy and loyalty encapsulated in this feeling. Love has

Starve Your Ego, Feed your Soul!

Ego and soul are two of the attributes that comprise the distinction in a particular person. Ego tells us that “we” matter whereas soul provides us the reason to live and strive for happiness. We humans are dependent entirely upon our souls because feeding it with the right contents nurture it and in return allows

Productive Islamic New Year Resolution – 2016

New Year is the time when one looks back to their past years contemplating every success and failure he has committed. The concept of New Year is different in different communities, for the Christian community Georgian calendar is significant to follow which marks 1st January as the start of new year. Chinese celebrate New Year

Creating Ideal Islamic Environment at Home

Mother is the first learning institution for a child to raise the kid into the best of a person. Environment at home is the prime factor, which reshapes the child and helps in molding of kids into better Muslim. It is the sheer responsibility of parents to inculcate Islamic teachings and morals in their kids

Productive Ways Towards Good Deeds in Islam

Closing eyes and thinking about all the good deeds makes one enlighten and jubilant deep inside. You have provided someone with a helping hand or have made someone smile? Helped someone crossed the road, alleviate someone tension and helped him in getting their task accomplish? Give or donate charity for the betterment of someone? Did