Islamic & Quranic Moral Values Muslims Must Follow

Morality or the propagation of moral values is a major aspect of Islam. People of today think of Quran as only a Book that contains guidelines that are pertinent to performing of religious rituals only and there is nothing else in it. The fact of the matter is that in Quran Allah Almighty has given

References of Major Abrahimic Prophets In Quran

Quran is a Book of guidance that contains instructions aimed at helping mankind live their lives on the path of righteousness till the end of times. However, this should not lead to the impression that Quran is only full with prophecies of future, rather Quran contains the stories of the nations of the past on

Tips For Muslims When Going Through Hardships

Every other day there comes a ‘how-to’ guiding people on how they could make their life better or perform the task which they are undertaking in an efficient and effective manner. Sometimes these guides focus on the change in thinking while at other times their focus is on the doing. Regardless of the approach followed

Major Personality Traits Of The Believers In Islam

When a person accepts Islam, he or she enters the circle of Islam. Most of the people perceive that with the acceptance of Islam, the journey to truth ends and all that is left for new Muslims is to spend their life and die as a Muslim. The truth of the matter is that accepting

9 Facts About Islam Explained Briefly

Out of the numerous things that have triggered confusion and argumentation among people, the religion Islam is perhaps the most discussed one. In addition to the non-Muslims who analyze Islam without any knowledge of its true preaching, there are Muslims as well who have little knowledge of the religion and put to practice the traditions

Why Is It Necessary to Learn Quran With Tajweed

Quran is the word of Allah. The construct it has, the meaning it carries are unmatchable and not to be found in any book in the world. In addition to the depth of meaning that the verses of Quran carry, there is also its sublime language that it makes it apart from any of the