Islamic Perspective on Divorce – According to Quranic Verses

Marriage is prescribed by Allah Almighty. It is the lawful union of man and woman based on mutual approval. The Holy Quran uses the word “Nikah” for this union of a man and a woman. Its literal meaning is getting involved with each other just like rainwater absorbs in the earth. So, the Quran call

Islamic Concept of Faith and Belief | According to Quran and Sunnah

Faith in Islam is the belief in the Unity of Allah. This is conveyed in the primary Kalimah of Islam which is: “There is no one worthy of worship but Allah.” Muslims believe in One Lord that is Allah Almighty. Allah alone is the Creator and Provider of this entire universe. Belief in One Lord

Take Advantage of Five before Five: The Phases of Life

Allah Almighty has created mankind for some specific purpose. We all have some purpose in our life. We should know about this purpose and the basic purpose of our life is to worship Allah (SWT). Allah Almighty is alone in His worship; we should consider Him alone in worship. He (SWT) has blessed some people

Severing the Ties of Kinship- Importance of Kinship according to Quran and Hadith

The importance of kinship and keeping the ties of kinship is obvious from the teachings of Quran and Hadith. It is very important to maintain the ties of kinship in Islam. Allah does not like those who are severing the ties of kinship. In Holy Quran Allah Almighty says: “… and fear Allah through Whom

The Excellence of Reciting Durood Sharif | Benefits According to Hadiths

Holy Prophet (SAW) is the last Prophet of Allah Almighty. Allah (SWT) sent many Prophets for the guidance of humanity. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is the last Prophet of Allah sent for the guidance of whole humankind in this world. No Prophet will send by Allah after Holy Prophet (SAW) till the Day of Judgment. Allah

Importance of Praying Salah on Time | Quranic Verses and Hadiths

We know there are five pillars of Islam; Salah is one of them and most important Pillar of Islam. When someone prays he is known to be Muslim because he is worshipping Allah Almighty who is his creator and the Lord of everything in this world and Hereafter too. Salah is an Arabic word its