Taqwa – How to Build Up This Habit

The common meaning of a term “Taqwa” known to us all is “piety or the fear of Allah Almighty”. But this is not the complete and exact interpretation of this terminology. The Creator of the universe has mentioned as being “merciful” to all His mankind repeatedly in the Holy Quran, and without the shadow of

Common Misconceptions About Islam

It is a common notion among western and other parts of the world that Islam is full of wrongful and wicked things. Due to increase in biased use of internet from Anti-Islamic camps, and growing number of international electronic media who are involved in spreading propaganda by associating so called terrorist attacks with Muslims, and

8 Facts About The Masjid e Nabvi

When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) set out on Hijrah journey (as directed by Allah Almighty) from Makkah towards Madina, He did not have any residence in that city just then. He stayed at some notable and generous tribes on the way, who offered Him place to live. But He declined their proposals by showing His gratefulness

New Year Resolution From A Muslim`s ViewPoint – 2015

New year is time when one tends to look back at the previous year, and assess how it went. It is like a fresh beginning for a person, an instant which could prove to be the pinnacle of one`s fate in its upcoming journey of life. It is the perfect moment to get back on

How To Revive The True Spirit Of Islam In Muslim World

There is no denying the fact that at present the condition of Muslims all over the world is beyond explanation. This plight of Muslims is a representation of the plight of Islam, therefore, it is not only the Muslims who are experiencing the downfall, it is Islam that is going through the downfall because of

Rabi-ul-Awal: What Does The Birth Of Muhammad (PBUH) Stand For?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born on the 12th of Rabi-ul-Awal fourteen hundred years ago in the land of Macca, Saudi Arabia. He was born an orphan and His mother also passed away when He was six years old. After that, it was His grandfather and uncle who raised Him. It was at the age of