Significance of Shab-e-Miraj in Islam – 27th of Rajab

Shab-e-Miraj or Isra Night observed in the Holy Month of Rajab by Muslims all over the world. Every year on the night of 26thof Rajab according to the Islamic calendar, Muslims observe Shab-e-Miraj (Isra Night) in which the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went on a special journey to meet the Creator of this Universe Allah Almighty, crossing seven skies on the heavenly animal named ‘Al-Buraq.’ The Isra Night is also mentioned in Holy Quran in these words: “Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al- Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed, to show him of Our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Seeing.” (Quran, 17:1)

Isra and Miraj are the two phases of a single night’s journey. It was the year of 621 when by the grace of Almighty Allah, Prophet SAW traveled to Masjid al Aqsa in Jerusalem (Al-Quds) and then to Miraj. It is written in Islamic Scriptures that the horse on which prophet SAW traveled was winged White horse. The name of the horse was Burak. In today’s discussion, we will discuss briefly the Miracle of Miraj in the light of Islamic scriptures, for the more detailed study you may visit our other blog posts related to this very topic, Significance of Shab e Miraj and Miracle of Isra Night as well.

Aisha reported: “After the Prophet (PBUH) was miraculously taken by night to the furthest mosque in Jerusalem, he awoke and told the people about it. Some of them renounced their faith and belief in him. They sought Abu Bakr and they said, “Have you heard that your friend imagined he was taken by night to the sacred house?” Abu Bakr said, “Did he say that?” They said yes. Abu Bakr said, “If he said it, he has spoken the truth.” They said, “Do you believe he went by night to the sacred house and returned before morning?” Abu Bakr said, “Yes. Verily, I believe what is even more astonishing than that. I believe he has received messages from heaven for everything he does.” For this reason, Abu Bakr was named the Truthful, al-Siddiq.” Source: Dalā’il al-Nubuwwah 680. Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Albani

Shab-e-Miraj means the night of “Ascendance”. The Isra Night is the blessed night when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was carried to the heaven and He (PBUH) reached a high stage of nearness to Almighty Allah which is beyond ordinary human perception. In Shab-e-Miraj the chief angel Gabriel came to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with the heavenly animal “Al-Buraq”. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was first taken to from Masjid al-Haram, Makkah to Masjid al-Aqsa, Jerusalem. The miraculous journey then started and Prophet (PBUH) ascended to the skies to encounter another turning event in His life.  First Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) traveled with extreme honor and respect to Bayt-ul-Muqaddas in no time where all the Prophet’s welcomed and honored Him with great respect.

In another verse of the Holy Quran, the details about Isra and Miraj stated in these words: “While he was in the highest part of the horizon: Then he approached and came closer, and was at a distance of but two bow-lengths or (even) nearer; So, did (Allah) convey the inspiration to His Servant (conveyed) what He (meant) to convey. The (Prophet’s) (mind and) heart in no way falsified that which he saw. Will ye then dispute with him concerning what he saw? For indeed he saw him at a second descent. Near the Lote-tree beyond which none may pass: near it is the Garden of Abode. Behold, the Lote-tree was shrouded (in mystery unspeakable!) (His) sight never swerved nor did it go wrong! For truly did he see the Signs of His Lord the Greatest.” (Quran, 53:7-18)

May Allah SWT help humanity to understand His divine message. And may He show us the right path. Ameen!

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