Signs Indicating That You Truly Love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Love is intense in its feelings and can only be proved by actions. At times, it leads us to total maverick feelings and on the other hand dumps us in abyss. The one who love and the one who is being loved can never grasp the intimacy and loyalty encapsulated in this feeling.

Love has variants and degrees but for a believer one constant and true love is to love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Loving him has many reasons entailed with it, but for the Muslims this sole reason is suffice that he was sent down as the last merciful messenger with the living miracle of Quran.

Prophet Loves His Ummah:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) loved his Ummah and he will be the one who will plead to Allah for our forgiveness of our sins. A moving Hadith illustrates the countless love of our beloved Prophet for us. Hazrat Aisha (RA) narrated it as:

“Once, when I saw the Prophet being cheerful, I said to him: ‘O Messenger of Allah! Supplicate to Allah for me!’He said, ‘O Allah! Forgive ‘Aisha her past and future sins, what she has concealed as well as what she has made apparent. ‘So I began smiling, to the point that my head fell into the lap of the Messenger of Allah out of joy. The Messenger of Allah said to me: ‘Does my Dua (supplication) make you happy?’ I replied: ‘And how can your Dua not make me happy?’He then said: ‘By Allah, it is the supplication that I make for my Ummah in every prayer.’

Contemplate the intensity of the love Prophet is having for us that he used to supplicate to Allah for us for our forgiveness. He cares for us more than we care for ourselves and in return, Prophet deserves the same amount of Love and respect, which can be commenced by instilling following qualities in our personality.

  1. Imitating Prophet Muhammad:

Our generation is a technological savvy generation and emulates icons who are movie stars, sport stars and exhibit flamboyant personalities. Muslims have entirely forgotten the Sunnah of Prophet hence is in sheer oblivion towards the actual teachings of Islam and Quran.

The actual love is to imitate the one you love, adopting his persona and make him part of yourself. Read the biography of Prophet Muhammad and try to cope and apply all the aspects in your life. If you want to imitate and emulate Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then exemplify his manners as in the end, the action speaks louder than words.

  1. Contemplating his Seerah:

Loving someone let you fall towards him more ardently and you want to learn more about him day by day. The sign of loving Muhammad is to read and know more about him.

Every Muslim should study his manners, companion ship, code of conduct, affiliations with kit, kin, and mercy towards enemies. While reading about him you surely will come to know some hidden aspects of his personality, which will let you fall in love with him with more devotion.

  1. Study, Understand and Implement:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is sent with the revelation of the living miracle Quran. Quran is the eternal and final book of guidance, which encodes everything. Open this portal of supervision,read Quran and understand what Allah wants to disclose in His divine and imperative Quran. In the end, it will intercede on our behalf and those who would have ignored this book will be doomed.

“The Quran is an intercessor, something given permission to intercede, and it is rightfully believed in. Whoever puts it in front of him, it will lead him to Paradise; whoever puts it behind him, it will steer him to the Hellfire.” [At Tabarane]

  1. Love What He Loved:

This is the highest level of affection of love, which compels a person to love everything and everyone what our beloved one has loved once. Act of worship is the way to commemorate the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Love and respect all the companions and their efforts, his mercy and seerah and try to adopt it because this will eventually make you a perfect believer in the end.

Loving Prophet is to love Allah as Allah says in the Holy book of Quran:

love for Muhammad pbuh

“If you should love Allah, then follow me, [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” [Quran 3:31]

  1. Him:

Prophet (PBUH) said, You will be with those whom you love.” [Bukhari]

It means that in the heaven Muslims will be with those whom they love. Imitating Muhammad and loving Him is to be with him in Aakhirah. Do daily supplication and ask Allah to award you a place next to Muhammad in heaven. Send salutations upon him because every time you send Darood Pak, an angel is appointed who conveys our messages to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

“Allah has angels who go around on earth, conveying to me the salaam of my Ummah.” [ Sunan An Nas’ai]

Loving Muhammad is not only a path towards total success but mould our lives to make us a better human being. Love and affection is reason towards success and salvation. Do not keep the valuable information regarding the Sunnah of Muhammad and teachings of Quran to you solely but also pass it on to your family, friends, and next generations. It is start of Rabi Ul Awal, the precious Islamic birth month of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Start from today and act upon aforementioned points if you really want to be a true image of him as who knows which of your act awards you with the passage towards Heaven and make you a companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).