The Burning of Quran – A Modern Act of Barbarism

The burning of religious books has been documented in history many times before. Such heinous acts are a proof of the hatred of people towards a certain concept or teaching. However, contrary to the popular belief, the burning of religious books in not only limited to Quran. Many other religions have been a victim of such atrocious activities to subdue the person or religion behind a teaching or concept.

Burning of Religious Books in History

During the Nazi regime, a book burning campaign was carried out by the Nazi followers that burned all books available in the country that did not agree with ideology of the Nazi government. The campaign was nationwide and resulted in the burning of around 25,000 volumes of books that did not correspond to the Nazi ideology.

All book-burning incidents documented in the history had one purpose and that was to destroy the message provided by the book in fear of its popularity. All heinous acts of book burning take place to destroy the concept and the teaching altogether such that other people do not get the chance of reading and believing the concepts of the book.

Quran Burning and Islam

Islam is a peaceful religion and it is a way of life. It not only provides guidance regarding larger aspects of humanity, but also guides its believers in living their day-to-day life. Once read and understood properly, Quran has the capacity and ability to attract non-believers and make them accept the Quran teaching.

According to the Islamic belief, Quran is a Holy book that is protected by Allah himself. The book is sealed and cannot be corrupted, modified, changed or altered in any form. Destroying its physical presence merely proves the power of its teachings. Therefore, when a book is as Holy and special to be protected by the Creator himself, it is humanely impossible to taint or corrupt the book by any means.

A Barbaric Act

Once it has been established that burning Quran does not necessarily mean destroying of a book or concept, people question the rampages in different Muslim countries against the act of burning their Holy book.

From a Muslim point of view, or even from a humanitarian point of view, the burning of any religious book, be it Bible or Quran, is not justified. The burning of Quran is a barbaric act that is carried out in anger and resentment towards a certain group of people believing in a certain religion.

Since mass murder or other kinds of barbaric activities are rather difficult to carry out nowadays, such acts rightly bring across the sentiments of people against Islam and the teachings of Quran. However, these acts cannot deter those Muslims that learn Quran to lead their life according to the will of Allah.


Conclusively, it is not the burning of a Holy book that has generated such vehement reaction from the Muslim world, rather it is the affect on the sentiments and feelings of billions of Muslims living all around the globe. Burning of any book should be banned and prohibited as it fosters a feeling of ill will among people belonging to different religions and beliefs.

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