The Religion Of Peace, Islam-An Overview

“The Religion Of Peace, Islam-An Overview” is a discussion about the few of the basics of Islam. “Islam is the religion of harmony and peace”

It encourages to treat every living being with love and kindness.

So we see, there are 1.5 billion Muslims on the planet. So most of the Muslims all through the world are practically moderate and they practice essential lessons of Islam in their life normally and they all are against such exercises in which the people are being executed.

Indeed, even at the hour of wars, Prophet Muhammad SAW taught His adherents to take care of the women and children and even he (SAW) ordered not to spoil the crops, these were the teachings of prophet Muhammad SAW,  so this is the genuine impression of the religion of Islam and that is verification that Islam is the religion of genuine harmony. Islam is humanly to the point that even the harvests of the foes are approached to secure in the wars. This was one of the lessons of prophet Muhammad SAW.

The devotees of Prophet SAW followed the lessons of the prophet SAW in each sense, there is a location which the primary Caliph Abu Bakr (Allah be satisfied with him) provided for his military while sending her on the campaign to the Syrian fringes is pervaded with the honorable soul with which the war in Islam is allowed. He stated: ” Stop, O individuals, that I may give you ten guidelines for your direction in the front line. Try not to submit a foul play or stray from the correct way. You should not mangle dead bodies. Neither slaughter a kid, nor a lady. nor a mature man. Carry no damage to the trees, nor consume them with fire, particularly those which are productive. Kill no of the adversary’s run. save for your food. You are probably going to pass by individuals who have dedicated their lives to devout administrations; disregard them”

Such was the education of Islam that is evidence that Islamic lessons from the very beginning are steady of harmony and against the activities that may win misfortune for the blameless people. Muslims who have given up on violence are convinced by administrative issues, not religion.

Jihad” has different ramifications. It will in general be signified “holy war,” yet its basic importance is “fight,” and in the Koran, this insinuates the internal and external effort to be an average Muslim.

Islam is a religion of congeniality in the fullest supposition of the word. The Qur’an calls its heading ‘the ways of harmony’ (5:16). It likewise says “God despises any unsettling influence of the harmony” (Quran, 2:205)

In all honesty, the root significance of Islam is ‘Silm’ which itself infers amicability. So the spirit of Islam is the spirit of the agreement. The fundamental refrain of the Qur’an breathes in the spirit of amicability. It says: for God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

This referenced section is rehashed in the Quran no under multiple times. It shows the incredible significance Islam appends to such qualities as Mercy and Compassion. One of God’s names, as indicated by the Quran, is As-Salam, which implies harmony. Additionally, the Quran expresses that: “the Prophet Muhammad PBUH was sent to the world as benevolence to humankind. (Quran, 21:107)

Islam associates unprecedented importance to amicability. In all honesty, Islam can’t deal with the expense of not to be in a state of concordance since all that Islam centers around—significant progression, academic improvement, character building, social change, informative activities, or all the more all Missionary work — can be practiced particularly in an atmosphere of congruity and understanding.

The training of Islam relies upon the guidelines of concordance. Any deviation from the model is a deviation from Islam. We should, thus, grasp the conviction arrangement of amicability given in Islam and base our exercises upon this way of thinking with the objective that agreement will win on the planet.

So to stop long story, Islam is the religion of harmony and a couple of axioms by the non-Muslims are an extraordinary verification for that, let us close our conversation with not many of these lines.  

Dalai Lama said once,

“… since the September 11th event, on many occasions, I have always come forth, with a defense of Islam. Islam likes any other major tradition. I think the very praising Allah means love, infinite love, compassion, like that. I understand Islam, they usually carry a rosary, all 99 beads, different name of Allah, all refer compassion or these positive things.” 

George W. Hedge once wrote,

“Islam brings hope and comfort to millions of people in my country, and to more than a billion people worldwide. Ramadan is also an occasion to remember that Islam gave birth to a rich civilization of learning that has benefited mankind.”

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