Two Dreadful Facets of America for Muslims

This is the time for you to think what is right and what is wrong and with the advent of technology and media one is well aware of the facts around the world and this is where you are to learn and experience the true aspect and moral value of the life within oneself religion.

Whom to Believe: What To Trust: Two facets:

People are often unreasonable but let what can be done leaving them to their own destiny and moving forward might be the case for some, but for some it is time to make things work with the level of trust and integrity to explain one with the internal satisfaction to the very roots of one’s understanding of its belief helping to understand between righteous and wrongful.

Believe What You See:

It has been reported by CNN and other networks such as Facebook and other social networking websites hosting a event in American Church in which they are claiming to declare Islam as the religion of the devil and justifying themselves of their actions by posting comments that the  entire perspective for this event is to revenge themselves from the 9/11 attacks.

What Does Burning Quran Mean?

Every Muslims is attached to their Holy Divine Book, Quran and as we know they would be burning that making it very obvious and clear that what they think about our religions, but let me tell you the educated but illiterate people are following such a person who is known to be a priest. My question to him would be that what religion denies the religion of ISLAM?

Well, to all my Brothers and Sisters it is evident that such a thing is being planned, but not to worry as to their surprise burning Quran is a permissible act in ISLAM, but not in this sense. However, millions of Muslims around the world are protesting to stop such a misery, but what do they know what in reality they are up to.

Ramadan Welcome Fellow Muslims:

Here is the second facet, as they say America is known to be offering freedom of speech where one priest is actively busy in organizing to burn the sacred Book of Muslims and on the other hand the President of America congrats Muslims to welcome Ramadan and its great blessings that are to be started with a good note with festive ending.

We as Muslims are not to be hindered by these acts by the unbelievers and with cool minded have to follow the path of forgiveness making our practices worth the time and blessing and the rewards awarded to us on our good deeds. This is the time to loot the blessing of the upcoming month Ramadan.