Virtues of Understanding Quran

Millions of Muslims in the world recite Quran daily in their prayers. Holy Quran is the 4th and the last Holy Book of Almighty Allah revealed on Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We as a Muslim should read Quran with understanding so that we can understand its deep meaning. When we know its meaning what Allah has really said in this Holy book then we can implement all the things mentioned in Quran in our daily life. Once we read Quran with the understanding we can easily take guidance from this Holy book in our life. The Book of Allah is not like any other book; it is the timeless Speech of Allah and not a created thing. It deserves a far more careful study than anyone else’s speech or book. For if one would try to evaluate the meanings of the verses. So, let every sincere Muslim who hopes to earn Allah’s love by reciting and reflecting on Allah’s Book hold tight to the meanings explained by the Prophet (SAW). You can get free Quran reading application with translation for your smartphone from the link provided below:

Quran Reading


As the Holy Quran is full of information that transforms the lives of millions of people around the world, so, it is important to recite and understand it in geographical (local) language for better understanding its knowledge. Understanding of Quran is very important for every Muslim because when we understand its meaning then we will be able to implement it in our lives. The Quran says that Muslims should never despair of Allah’s mercy and blessings. Book of Allah is always there to help Muslims at every step but it can only help those who want to live by it.

Living by the Quran requires we Muslims, understand it first. In order to understand it, we have to use our minds for this we have to spend time and effort just like we do for other things in our life. For understanding Quran, we should read it with translation in that language which we can understand easily. We have to put an effort in it. It’s important to know that gaining the knowledge and understanding of the Quran is necessary for every Muslim.  Seeking knowledge of the Quran is a spiritual duty demanded by Allah on every Muslim.

understanding quran and benefits

Virtues of reading Quran with understanding

  • The teachings of Islam are present in Quran, which needs to be studied very carefully for being able to understand them properly. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said:

“That person who, due to the excessive recitation of the Quran is not able to make Allah’s Dhikr and Dua, Allah (SWT) will bestow such a person with more blessings and Ni’mat than even those who make Dhikr and Dua.” (Tirmidhi)

Above hadith shows that following the holy verses to such an extent would provide better results in life.

Therefore, reciting the Holy Quran with translation has its increased value in the life of a Muslim which leads to increased awareness and understanding of its knowledge.

  • Reading Quran with understanding and then reflecting over Quran can fulfill the Islamic duty of every Muslim which Allah (SWT) imposed on us.
  • The position of one in paradise is determined by one’s understanding of Quran. Thus, understanding of Quran is very important in hereafter life too.
  • Quran will act as an intercessor on the Day of Judgment.
  • Great efforts are always rewarded with the great benefits. Someone, who is non-Arabian, spends a lot of time and work hard to learn how to read Quran, further spend more time and energy to understand the true teaching of Quran. This person is working for sake of pleasing Allah and will get the tremendous amount of returns in the form of blessings of Allah.
  • Reading of the translation of the Quran is so important because every Muslim have to know the essential commands and requirements of Allah.
  •  Quran is the only way to honor and morality and it’s the duty of all Muslims to find this way. So understanding the Book of Allah is better than just Quran reciting and it is possible when it is interpreted by some local or an easily explicable language.

The Holy Quran is a highly admired book of Allah SWT that requires proper understanding, which is possible when it is interpreted in one`s own language. We should read Quran with better understanding so that we can earn Allah’s blessings in this worldly life and the life hereafter too. May Allah (SWT) bless us to understand His holy book! Ameen.

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