Waqia-e-Karbala And Imam Hussain AS

“The aim of my revolution is to reform society and revive the true teachings of Islam.” (Imam Hussain, Tuhaf al uqul, p.243)

Waqia-e-Karbala And Imam Hussain AS” is a discussion about the battle of Karbala and the steadfastness of Imam Hussain AS. Let us dig a bit deep into the incident in next lines.

The Battle of Karbala was fought on the 10th of October 680(10th of Muharram) between the small army of Imam Hussain AS and the army of Yazid 1 at Karbala.

The tenth of Muharram denotes the affliction of Hussain (AS); the grandson of Prophet (PBUH); in the field of Karbala. He alongside his family and adherents, all were martyred by the Koofies (Army of Yazid 1). Hussain (AS) wouldn’t promise devotion to Yazid, who needed to be Caliph.

Hussain AS’s Viewpoint

Hussain (AS) represented something very similar which the Prophets previously and Muhammad (PBUH) himself represented. Hussain (AS) remained against the oppression of Yazid in a similar way wherein Abraham (AS) and Moses (AS) remained against Nimrod and Pharaoh. Hussain (AS) remained against shamefulness and misrepresentation like his grandfather, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Hence, what occurred in Karbala was just are the restoration of the declining soul of Islam, which consistently requires penance.

Imam Hussain AS’s message:

These are the famous words by Imam Hussain AS,

“O, Allah! In You, I place my trust amid all despondency. You are my expectation in all brutality. You are my Refuge and Provider in everything that occurs. What number of complaints are there that debilitate the heart, leaving me without any way to react; during which companions desert me while foes cheer.”

This supplication of Hussain (AS) shows his confidence in Allah Almighty, and how he depended on Allah just through each good and bad. This conviction on Allah is the thing that made him remain against Yazid and give the penance of which there is no model in mankind’s history.

The second thing that he did was to settle on a decision for the individuals present. He stated:

“Is there any individual who will come to help us? Is there any individual who will react to our call for help?”

His call at a shallow level was to the individuals present there to come and backing him, even though he realized that the individuals who might have helped had just abandoned him. Nonetheless, his call was to all the ages to come.

The Clear Message

The message that the affliction of Hussain (AS) passes on to all the Muslims is of having confidence in Allah Almighty, being tolerant, and never bargain with insidiousness, oppression, and bad form. Hussain (AS), saw all his family martyred in front of him however didn’t whine to Allah Almighty, rather he remained tolerant. Hussain (AS) had distinctly to promise devotion to Yazid to spare his devotees and family from all the atrocity, however, he didn’t bow down to oppression and bad form, rather relinquished all what he had in the method of truth, uprightness and gave another life to the soul of Islam.

May Allah give us the direction to gain from the episode of Karbala and assist us with building up the attributes of having solid Faith, tolerance, and the boldness to remain against insidiousness and oppression! Ameen.

Imam Hussain’s affliction at Karbala gives proof of the ethical triumph of directly over wrong, of uprightness over a bad habit, of rule over trade-off, of the persecuted over the oppressor, of the, denied over the denier; a definitive triumph of blood over the blade. An exercise showing mankind through the engraving of blood on the looks of mankind’s history, how he passed on to the world, through his battle, the significance of life; that that living is genuine of worth which offers itself for a reason more prominent than it’s self; that to die with honor is superior to living in enslavement to shamefulness.

For those aware of their ethical commitments, reliably endeavoring against unfairness and abuse; EVERY DAY IS ‘ASHURA AND EVERY PLACE IS KARBALA.

Never to Forget

The celebration of ‘Ashura on the tenth of Muharram consistently serves to help us to remember the penances of the honorable all through our sublime history. It reconnects us with our otherworldly and good heritage making us mindful of the individuals, at that point and now, who courageously supported what was right; just as the individuals who attempted to crush the group of the Prophet and the honorable standards that the family represented. More than that, it uncovered the individuals who watched what was going on, comprehended what was correct; but sat idle.

Let us close our today’s blog “Waqiah Karbala and Imam Hussain AS” with the famous words of Hazrat Imam Hussain AS, On the day of Ashura, he addressed his companions:

“Be patient, you noble ones. Death is only a bridge which takes you from misery and loss to the vast Paradise and the eternal graces”

(Bihar al Anwar, Vol. 44, P. 297)

May he rest in peace. Aameen.

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