World’s First Muslim Talking Application “Talking Lil Muslim” Has Been Launched

Quran Reading proudly present world’s first Muslim application of Lil Muslim with amazing new features for users Android smartphones and tablets. It’s new and completely different from other old applications available in store with Talking features and all basic Islamic knowledge. Now a days child’s upbringing was always tough and difficult task where your child is more focused on games, cartoons and other things but not in Islam related activities? Do you want to teach your child Islam related things in which we have Quran learning, Daily Duas, Islamic short Duas which are useful in their daily life?

No need to worry about it anymore we have developed an Islamic app in which you will find all features which are useful and important in Islamic learning in an entertaining way. “Talking Lil Muslim (Bachon ka Islam)” is an Islamic learning app for your little one to learn Islamic Duas that are useful in their daily life and also Qurani Surahs. If you would ask the kid to follow Islamic teaching then it might sound boring to him/her and he/she would skip it or end it up carelessly. The only option left is to talk to them in the language which they understand. Through this app, they would love to learn Islamic teachings. You can download Talking Lil Muslim for your Android device from the links provided below.


This app is one of the latest and unique Islamic apps in the Muslim community. As we all know kids love to play games so it has Quran learning feature with gaming element so that your child can learn Qurani Surahs and Duas by heart. Lil Muslim is an Android app which we have developed; it will keep the interest of your child intent on the screen until the very end of it. The trick lies that the kid will play the game for sake of fun but his subconscious will store and recognize each initial automatically without forcing him to do so. This app will help you to teach your child by their own wish of learning Islamic things.


Why Lil Muslim?

This amazing Android app will act as an Islamic tutor for your child. It has wonderful interactive features that will for sure help your child to learn Qurani Duas and surahs. In this time period where you don’t have enough time for your child this app will help to teach your child as in it gaming element is the main feature which helps your child to learn easily without getting bored. In this app, you will find many other things that your child should learn other than Qurani Surahs and Duas. We have a collection of Bachon ki Tarbiyat/Tarbiat, Bachon ki sehat, Bachon ke Islamic cartoon, bachon ke Islamic names in Urdu, Islamic Naam, bachon ki parwarish, bachon ki Duain, Bachon ka Quran, Bachon ka Urdu aur Arabic Qaida, Bachon ki Islamic and Quran stories, Urdu poems, bachon ki Hindi aur Urdu Poetry , bachon ki lughat, bachon ki surahs, bachon ki Urdu Islamic Stories, bachon ki kitaab, Bachon ki Urdu, Hindi aur Islamic videos aur bachon ki Islamic Quranic poems, and  bachon ki ghiza are all included in bachon ki dunya aur Islamic dunya/Quranic dunya that is also known as bachon ka Islam for Little Muslims.

Features of Lil Muslim

Main features of this app are as follows:

  • 3D interesting characters
  • Arabic alphabets for learning
  • Short Surahs of Quran for your little one to learn
  • Islamic and Qurani Duas that are useful in daily life
  • Islamic Qaida is also present for your little one
  • Islamic names and Islamic stories
  • Urdu poems
  • Islamic stories
  • Islamic videos
  • Islamic poems
  • Amazing graphics

In Lil Muslim app mobile animation and gaming technology make it very attractive and catchy for little ones to learn Quran, good deeds, Islamic knowledge, Dua’s and much other spiritual stuff in innovative, interactive and gaming way. So this is the new and advanced form of “Bachon ki Islamic and Quranic Learning”.

Talking Lil Muslim is Quran and Islam Learning app for little Muslims; it is also a Muslim prayer learning, Muslim pro games, Muslim Hadith Sahih, Muslim keyboard, Muslim Quran, Muslim Quiz, Muslim Jokes, Muslim images and Muslim songs app. The app contains Muslim videos, little Muslim fashion, and all above-mentioned content.

Download this amazing featured app for your little ones and let them learn Islamic teachings with an entertaining way. We really want your feedback for this Lil Muslim learning APP for further improvements if required.

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