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How You Can Make Your Life Worthier With The Help Of Quran Education?

Life is one of the most precious gifts one can ever demand from the Mighty Lord of the universe, i.e. Allah Almighty; Who not only created human beings but every single particle constituting the whole wide universe we can see and think of. Especially blessed are the ones who have been honored with the chance

Is Islam in Favor of Female Education Or Against It?

Oppressed, subjugated, and inferior are the words that jolt one’s nerves when it comes to knowing the stature of women in Islam. Islam the religion of peace emphasizes keenly upon the acquisition of knowledge by abandoning gender discrimination. The daily reporting of banning women from education, casting votes, and school demolishing is a cultural perspective

Countless Blessings Of Muharram Awarded By Allah Almighty

All praise be to the mightiest Allah, all creations are mere sign of Whose ultimate supremacy. For Muslims, even the whole life of worship and thankfulness cannot serve to repay the tiniest bit of endless blessings by Allah Almighty, especially the gift of Islam, which is not merely a religion, but a complete code of

Sanctity of Muharram According to Teachings of Quran and Hadith

The supremacy of Allah and His ultimate omnipotence is irrefutable and bears a purpose behind its creation be a soul on earth or land. Allah has given a specific timeframe to Muslims to spend the lives accordingly by contemplating Quran teaching to grasp the blessings. The favors of Allah Almighty entail the sacredness embedded in

Deriving The Objectives Of Life From Quran And Sunnah In An Islamic Society

You cannot achieve anything meaningful and significant without setting a fundamental objective insight. In fact, it is the fundamental objective that motivates and drives a person to achieve any target one sets. This is also a fact that the fundamental objectives of different societies of the world differ significantly from each other, giving them a

Hajj – A Religious Obligation Of Great Prospects For Muslims

For Muslims, true success lies in submitting themselves wholly to the wish and will of The Mightiest, living their lives as a means to appease Allah Almighty, following all the obligations of their religion.  The religion for a true Muslim remains insignificant without observing five aspects, referred commonly as “Five Pillars of Islam”. They include

Treatment Of Dengue Fever Through Verses Of Holy Quran

Islam is a religion much more than mere religious teachings and principles. It is, in fact, a complete code of life that not only teaches people about religious obligations but offers them a complete set of instructions to live their lives accordingly. Importance Of Cleanliness In Islam Among all other things it teaches, comes cleanliness

Learn Quran Before You Pass Any Kind of Judgment

We are living in a time of lavishness where one prefers to gossip and has no ample time to testify the rumor. People befell for anecdotes resulting in wreckage leaving behind dust of truths and facts. Rumors usually are orphan enough to hatch a sheer truth hence deserves rectification prior judging someone on its fluke

The Prettiest Mosques Of The World

Islam has been around for centuries now and Muslims had the opportunity to rule the world with the Islamic way of life. It was during this period that Muslims spread the Quran education all over the world. For some years, Muslims were the torch bearers of literature, science, and architect. It is during this rule

The Burning of Quran – A Modern Act of Barbarism

Quran is book of God which has revealed upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the guidance of human humankind. The language of Holy Quran is Arabic composed of simple inscriptions that are easy to comprehend. The sanctity of Quran has always been at stake but the supreme deity has ensured to safeguard the divinity of His