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Allah’s Channels Of Communication!

Allah has always guided the mankind through two main channels. These were the Prophets and the Holy Scriptures. Allah (SWT) has never left the humankind to wander in the darkness of this universe. He has always enlightened the path to success or the right path for humankind through the two major channels of communication. Primary

Quran: Guiding You On Every Step!

While enrolling in an institute the connoisseur handed a list of contents to novice that he needs to learn and accomplish prior awarding degree. The world is an institute and the course of contents are all ascribed in Allah’s book of guidance already that He has revealed upon His last messenger. The contents comprise almost

Marriage And Divorce In Islam!

Marriage is a lawful union between man and woman based on mutual consent comprising devotion, intimacy, and respect of each other. Islam is the strongest advocate of marriage as it is a moral safeguard along social necessity. The purpose behind marriage is to foster state of companion between man and wife as it has declared

Learn Quran and Seek the Light, Which Would Lead You to the Right Path!

Quran is a savior of the time when the darkness of despair engulfed the buoyancy to enlighten souls. The miserable stricken soul when find no light at the end of tunnel, turn towards one true Lord for spiritual healing and absolute guidance. Blessed are those who contemplate the teachings of Quran and make it a

Islam Is The Middle Way

People have this perception that practicing Islam is very difficult because it is restrictive; however, the reality is that it is a very balanced way of living. One thing we need to understand that people only perceive that Islam is restrictive and perception is not reality rather perception becomes reality for someone on an individual

Quran is the Way to Get Satisfaction

Despite the world at our fingertips one always feel dissatisfied. The new clothes one purchases lose its novelty, the money in accounts reaches to zero, the new beautiful phases of one’s life fades away, the jubilation turns into despair and vanity lasts forever. The world is not a perfect place of satisfaction because a day

Quran, The Myth Buster!!!

Quran, known to be the Holy Scripture of Muslims, is perhaps a book which has been engulfed in smokes of mystification due to various reasons; miss conception being the biggest of those reasons. Quran has been brought to the attention of Western civilization with an increased fervor in the most recent past with a bad

Celebrating the Revelation of Quran

The year 2010 was the year for the celebration of the revelation of Quran in Turkey. There were so many interesting events held in different parts of the country. There were many activities aiming to create the awareness about the Quran among the masses. People from different parts of the world flocked to turkey to

The Modern Ways of learning Quran

The modern times have changed the way we previously saw and perceived the world. The evolution of technology has brought the world closer and because of this closeness the access and sharing of information from different cultures has increased adding to the knowledge of ordinary person. Thus, the ways of doing things that were considered

Significance of Muharram as defined by Quran and Hadees

The month of Muharram holds a lot of importance and significance in Islam, which is proved by the verses of the Quran. It is recommended for the Muslims to have at least the basic knowledge about the importance of the month of Muharram. Muharram is the month of the Karbala incident; however, it is extremely