Clear Conscience is Weapon for True Believers

Attaining a sense to distinguish between good and evil is the first step to successes on the spiritual path. A true Muslim has the following Qualities:

  1. A true Muslim is a person who can distinguish between the right and wrong.
  2. These people observe and witness the difference.
  3. They not only learn from there own experience but also from the examples set in the environment around him.
  4. They ponder on the words of the holy Quran to know which direction to move in. Quran has emphasized the correction of deeds and repentance. Quran teaching tells to observe the world around to get the know-how of this world and the world hereafter.
  5. They follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) to know the difference and to deal with life accordingly.
  6. They have a practical application of the teachings of the Holy Quran in the selection of the right path.
  7. They believe that this world is not made useless and thus the gold and the evil sins committed in this world and the world hereafter would be judged on the judgment day.
  8. When they commit a sin they move on they kneel in front of Allah for the sake of repentance on the sin they have committed.
  9. They not repent and seek forgiveness in the form of words but also in the practical sense.
  10. 10. They do not repeat their mistakes once they have committed a sin.