Natural Disasters in Muslim Countries

When the earth is shaken with its (final) earthquake. And when the earth throws out its burdens, And man will say: “What is the matter with it?” 4That Day it will declare its information (about all what happened over it of good or evil). Because your Lord has inspired it. That Day mankind will proceed in scattered groups that they may be shown their deeds. So whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ant), shall see it. And whosoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ant), shall see it. Surah Al-Zalzala (The Earthquake)

Natural disasters:

The growing number of natural disasters depict the news of the arrival of the doomsday. Natural disasters like Lahars, Volcanic eruptions, Floods, Limnic eruptions, Cyclonic storms, Blizzards, Droughts, Cyclonic storms, Hailstorms, Heat waves, Tornadoes, forest fires etc are not in the control of mankind and thus it cannot be controlled by them either. Particularly earthquakes have caused great loss for mankind and can hit unexpectedly without even informing. One shake in the earth’s crust can destroy millions of life and give economic losses as well. The magnitude of earth Quakes vary and changes the intensity of the quakes. In scientific language we can say that earthquakes are reason of the geologic faults that are accumulated together and discharged by the earth’s crust.

Quranic verses about natural disasters:

No one in this world is burdened more than he can bear. Allah has granted man with According to the concepts of Muslims; man is here for being tested. He is tested by Allah in different manners by changing the circumstances he is in. geological, climactic changes are a part of Allah’s plan for the judgments day so that all the mankind can. The world would come to an end and mankind would be gathered for the judgment day.  Following are the verses that explain the reasons of the earthquakes in Islam:

  • “Say: Have you considered if the chastisement of Allah should overtake you suddenly or openly, will any be destroyed but the unjust people?” 6:47 al Quran
  • “(The apostles were sent) thus, for thy Lord would not destroy for their wrong-doing men’s habitations whilst their occupants were unwarned.” 6:131 al Quran
  • “And it did not beseem your Lord to have destroyed the towns tyrannously, while their people acted well.” 11:117 al Quran
  • “And (as for) these towns, We destroyed them when they acted unjustly, and We have appointed a time for their destruction.” 18.59 al Quran
  • “How many did We destroy before them of the generations, then they cried while the time of escaping had passed away.” 38:3 al Quran
  • “And how many of the generations did We destroy after Nuh! and your Lord is sufficient as Knowing and Seeing with regard to His servants’ faults.” 17:17 al Quran

Therefore it is the evil that has cross the extreme conditions that come under the influence of such natural disasters. Allah does not punish the ones who are just and on the right course. It is quite alarming that not only the non Muslim countries but also the Muslim countries come under the influence of the natural disasters. In Indonesia in 2004 Tsunami killed more than 110,000, Pakistan earthquake killed about 80000 people. The recent earthquakes include the Chile earth Quake that caused a major disaster in the world. According to the holy Quran natural disasters are a form of setting up of examples for the mankind. It is a punishment for the unjust and evil people.  As said in the Quran:

“Each one of them (wicked people) We seized for his crime: of them, against some We sent a violent tornado (with showers of stones); some were caught by a (mighty) Blast; some We caused the earth to swallow up; and some We drowned (in the waters): It was not Allah Who injured (or oppressed) them:” They injured (and oppressed) their own souls.” 29:40

Allah saves those who are righteous from the natural disasters. As said in the Quran:

“Then shall We save Our messengers and the believers, in like manner (as of old). It is incumbent upon Us to save believers.”

Reason for natural disasters in Muslim countries:

Muslims are coming under the influence of the natural disasters too. The growing numbers of natural disasters in the Muslim countries is quite shocking and it demands the Muslims to face the truth that they have made mistakes they shouldn’t have and they need to repent their mistakes. The division in sects and groups are the main reason of the weak faith of Muslims. This is the major cause of the problems Muslims are facing all over the world. As said in the Quran:

“And be not like those who became divided and disagreed after clear arguments had come to them, and these it is that shall have a dreadful chastisement.” 3:105

Muslims have strayed from the path of Islam. They call themselves Muslims but they are not the true believers. As said in the Quran:

“……If any do fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah hath revealed, they are (no better than) unbelievers.” 5: 44

The deeds of the Muslims and the non Muslims make come fall under the destruction of natural disasters. Until or unless we help ourselves no one would help us out of the problems we are falling into:

13:11 “……..Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition….”