Some Modern Ways of Learning the Holy Quran

The basic purpose of our life is to worship Allah Almighty. The best way of worship is to offer Salah and recite Quran daily for the sake of Allah Almighty. For the guidance of mankind, Allah Almighty revealed the Holy Quran on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  Holy Quran is the last divine book, the majesty of the verses of Glorious Quran is mentioned in Holy Quran itself in these words: Say: ‘If the mankind and the jinn were together to produce the like of this Quran, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they helped one another’” (Quran, 17:88)

To reflect upon the verses of Allah is a form of worship. Quran is the source through which one can get close to Allah Almighty. In order to get benefits and blessings from its deep meaning and its fundamentals, it is the foremost duty of every Muslim, be it a child, a man or woman to learn it with proper understanding. Quran is in the Arabic language for its proper understanding and tries to learn Arabic. It is not difficult it’s like learning any other language. Arabic is a beautiful language. Try to learn it, read the Quran and follow its translation.

Some people ask if someone cannot understand the meaning of verses of the Quran would he/she still be rewarded. Its answer is yes, the recitation of the Quran even without understanding the meaning is also rewarded and will be counted as a good deed. “Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah, he will have a reward, and this reward will be multiplied by ten. I am not saying that ‘Alif, Laam, Meem’ (a combination of letters frequently mentioned in the Holy Quran) is a letter, rather I am saying that ‘Alif’ is a letter, ‘Laam’ is a letter and ‘Meem’ is a letter.”(Tirmidhi)

Some Ways of Quran Learning

In order to lighten from the true essence of the Quran, one needs to learn the Arabic language with simple and easy rules.

  • To learn the Quran, one should start from the basic Noorani Qaida.
  •  Traditionally from the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the process of learning the Holy Quran revolved around a teacher and the rest of the people studying from the teacher. 
  • Quran learning by going to the mosques is one of the most convenient ways of learning the Quran. Muslim parents send their children to learn Quran from a tutor in the mosque.
  • The present-day way of self-learning of the Quran involves using Quranic apps. The use of smartphones has revolutionized every aspect of our life, especially learning. In this modern era, the use of apps is a great way to start learning Quran. 
  • The Quran learning apps must have a word-by-word learning system with transliteration. These apps also contain audio recitation. The availability of translation of the words and verses of the Quran is also a definite advantage, which a Muslim can have related to Quran learning.
  • Muslims who don’t have a mosque nearby or don’t have time to go to the mosque for Quran learning and those who are living abroad want to teach their kids Islamic teachings, the best option available now a day’s is the online Quran tutoring academy. Online Quran tutoring is one of the increasingly used ways of learning the Quran.

In conclusion, read the Quran carefully, and acquire blessings from the Allah Almighty. We all know that time is changing and in the present-day Quran learning apps and online Quran teaching academies are one of the increasingly used ways of learning Quran other than from tutors of mosques.