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When We say that We are the best when it comes to Online Quran Teaching service, it is not just a hollow claim. Rather, we have a history and verifiable facts that supports our claim. We are different from the competitors in every regard, some of the main features that will help you compare us with the competitors are:

comapre us

Experience Quran Learning with QuranReading.com in a way you have never experienced before. We assure you that you won't find any other service worth comparing with us.

No. Fact QuranReading.com Home Type Academics
1 www.Alexa.com website Rating Number 1 Online Quran Tutor -----
2 Academy's Experience The first and the best, we have taught more than 5000 students ?
3 Generator for power backup Yes  
4 Online lecture delivery software Gotomeeting.com (we pay $50 fee per licence, free for students) Netmeeting & other free softwares
5 Internet Back-up Yes ?
6 Secure Network safe for kids Yes, 10 full-time engineers maintain it for pop up free and security ?
7 Well Trained and Qualified Tutors yes ?
8 Tutors background check before employment yes ?

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