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The Proof Of Superior Services Offered By QuranReading.com

The Original Online Quran Tutoring Service.


We at QuranReading.com being the first of its kind service provider; letting people have opportunity to read and learn Qur’an over the internet with simple and easy methods. It is successfully working since 2005 and has gained large popularity among masses, especially those residing in non-Muslim states. Its membership has now reached up to 5600; consisting both young and old, and is continuously increasing with each passing day.


We offer totally unique from any other educational program online. Our expert tutors not only excel with teaching Quran recitation to the students, but also provide students with the knowledge of what particular verses mean, thereby increasing their Islamic understanding and making the lessons as interactive as possibly could.

Quran Reading was a small plan envisioned by a Muslim residing abroad, and facing difficulty in teaching his children Quran recitation along with basic Islamic teachings. In no time his small vision, in the form of QuranReading.com, lead to a miraculous opportunity for all those Muslims facing the exact same problem. Over the years, QuranReading.com has not only sustained, but Alhamdulillah it has prospered along with its students. We now take pride in being the pioneers of such a noble program drawing Muslims towards the teachings of the Holy Quran.