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Arabic Language And Quran

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Arabic Quran

Holy Quran constitutes the final word of Allah Almighty, as revealed upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) more than 1400 years ago. Various studies prove it to be the most read and understood book all around the world, not only today, but from the time it was bestowed to humanity.

Arabic Language

There are many reasons for so much (positive) influence of Quran on people’s minds and souls. One of them is definitely the revelation of this revered book in Arabic language, as mentioned in the Holy Quran itself.

Az-Zukhruf [43:3] We have made it a Qur’an in Arabic, that ye may be able to understand (and learn wisdom).

Major Features Of Arabic Language

  • It offers a perfect pattern of the roots of the words
  •  No language other than Arabic holds as perfect and composite mechanism of elementary words
  •  Arabic language boasts of maximum capacity as far as exposition of diversified human feelings, emotions, thoughts, and expressions are concerned
  •  Extra ordinarily expressive intellectual connotations are present in Arabic language
  •  The lingual diversity and profoundness of Arabic enables its idioms to express extensive meanings in very few words
  •  Another most important feature of Arabic language is that it composites miscellaneous comprehensiveness of all major languages preceding it

Benefits of Arabic As The Language Of Quran

  • Since Qur’an is the final Scripture from Almighty Allah ever to be descended onto humanity for the purpose of eternal guidance, it had to come in a language that could offer the profoundness, diversity, and authoritativeness to such a text intended to last till eternity. Some major benefits of using Arabic as the native language of Holy Quran might include:

    The language of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and natives of Arab:

    The biggest reason for revealing Quran in Arabic was that Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was part of an Arab society.

    Profoundness of the lingual platform:

    That was coupled with the fact that Arabic was the most advanced and profound lingual platform of those times (and even today) that could support the propagation of an everlasting message presented by Holy Qur’an.

    Easy to understand:

    This made Quran easy to understand and comprehend for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his revered companions, which made it possible to spread the message of Islam all across the world.

    Eloquence of Quran:

    Remember, it is not an ordinary book, it is pure word of Allah and it had to be as unique, eloquent, and different as it is. The poetic profoundness of Arabic offers the words of Allah the eloquence which would not have been possible in any other language.

    Insistence On Learning Arabic Quran

    Though Quran has been translated in almost all major and most of the regional languages, but Muslims are greatly inclined towards learning Quran in Arabic, in truest of its context, because no other language can come close to conveying the diversity of meanings as compared to Arabic. There are many benefits of Quran learning in its native language, such as:


    •  Fulfillment of a revered Sunnah
    •  Best understanding of true words of Allah Almighty
    •  Quran reading and Quran recitation in Arabic is promised to be rewarded by countless worldly and heavenly bounties

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