Can women lead Jumah prayer in Islam?

Position of men and women in Islam

The Quran and the Prophet’s (PBUH) demonstration display that women and men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable privileges, and that woman is not inferior to man. For certain positions when the Shari’ah constrains to men or women, it does not signify discrimination. This should be appreciated inside the border of the general objectives of the Shari’ah, which are set by a Devine Law that is not subject to political correctness. These directives are granted by the Almighty God who understands our disposition better then us and has granted us guidelines to alignment the inhabits of men and women in a way that best matches our natures. On the topic of women-led Friday plea, men and women alike have disputed the validity of the activity and the sanctity of the motives of the organizers.

Islam about women in Jumah prayer and contradiction

The swamping most of Muslim women who interrogated the rationale behind such an activity and denied to be part of gender government enforced by some is commendable. They claimed quotations from the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) and they pursued the activities of the mothers of the believers (wives of the Prophet PBUH) who denied leading the Friday prayers to blended gatherings even when they were in a place to enforce their authority in prayers over the Ummah.

Ironically, those who support women-led Friday prayers failed to give any sound contention on the cornerstone of the Quran and Sunnah in support of their action.

Sunnah of Rasool Allah

Prophet (PBUH) used to visit Umm Waraqa in her own home; he appointed a Mu’adhin (one who calls the adhan for Prayer) for her, and ordered her to lead the members of her household (in Prayer).” Umm Waraqah-as stated in the sources-was an esteemed woman of Al-Ansar who had memorized the Quran. ‘Abdul-Rahman Ibn Khalid, the narrator of the Hadith, further states: “I happened to see her Mu’adhin, who was a person advanced in age.”

What is the role Muslim scholar of the present time?

Based on the overhead clues, some scholars have resolved that a woman is permitted to lead her own family constituents in Prayer particularly in the situations where she is trained over other ones who may not be so well versed in the directions of Prayer and information of the Quran.

What do we need to do?

Muslims leaders go against this view and they have utilized the masses to encourage their egos. They have deceived the Muslims in to assisting their own slender agendas and in numerous situations have garbled the divine note to make us more reliant on them. But our Creator and His messenger with his phrases of wisdom are there to direct us and lead us to the right path. Let us connect hands men and women simultaneously for a better world.