Friends and Family of Muhammad PBUH – App About Important People in the History of Islam!

Friends and Family of Muhammad (PBUH) is an educational smartphone app developed by The, featuring information about His family and close friends. The information is categorized and detailed history about life and death of each person in Prophet’s life is included. This app is available for free download on Google Playstore and iTunes.

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Benefits of Friends and Family of Muhammad PBUH

It is necessary for every Muslim to have complete knowledge about Last Prophet (PBUH) and His life. The people present in Prophets life held a very close relationship with Him and thus their role in Prophets life is very significant. Friends And Family of Muhammad (PBUH) sheds light on close people in Prophet’s life. It benefits you in many ways, such as:

  1. Friends and Family of Muhammad (PBUH) will help gain Islamic knowledge to adults and children equally.
  2. Gain information about the life of important personalities of Islam from one place.
  3. Save your time from searching each Islamic personality individually by downloading Friends and Family of Muhammad (PBUH.
  4. Family tree of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) helps in the knowledge about how people are related to Prophet and His bloodline.
  5. The app is a great source of information to teach kids about the lives of Sahaba RA.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH Family smartphone app

Features of Friends and Family of Muhammad PBUH

1.       Family of Muhammad (PBUH)

The section about Family of Muhammad (PBUH) contains the names and life stories of the people directly related to our Prophet (PBUH). The segment is further divided into following:

Parents of Muhammad (PBUH): Life information about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s Mother, Hazrat Aminah, Father Abdullah Bin Abdul Muttalib and 2 Nurses Thawaybah (R.A) and Halimah (R.A) are described under this category.

Wives of Muhammad (PBUH): This part has life History of 11 wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is included in the app. Life of following ladies of Islam is shared in the app:

    • Khadija (RA),
    • Sauda (RA),
    • Aisha Siddque (RA),
    • Hafsa (RA),
    • Zaynab Bint Khuzayma (RA),
    • Umm Salma (RA),
    • Zaynab Bint Jahsh (RA),
    • Safiyya (RA),
    • Umm Habiba (RA),
    • Maymuna (RA) and
    • Maria al Qibtiyya (RA)

Children of Muhammad (PBUH): The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had 7 children, 3 sons and 4 daughters. The life of each daughter and son of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is part of this informative app. 

    • Fatima bint Muhammad (RA)
    • Zainab bint Muhammad (RA)
    • Ruqayyah bint Muhammad (RA)
    • Sayyiduna Ibrahim (RA)
    • Sayyiduna  Abdullah (RA)
    • Sayyiduna Qasim (RA)
    • Umm Kulthum bint Muhammad (RA)

Relatives of Muhammad (PBUH): Detailed information about the life of blood relatives like grandfather and uncles of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is present under this category.

2.       Friends of Muhammad (PBUH):Sahaba have played a very important role in the history of Islam and spreading Islam. Their service to Islam is indescribable. Each Sahaba had a different friendship with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and followed a difficult path in life for converting to Islam. In this section we will be able to know about the life history of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) including life of:

    • Abu Bakr (RA),
    • Umar Ibn Khattab (RA),
    • Usman Ib Affan (R.A)
    • Ali bin Abu Talib (R.A),
    •  Talha Ibn Ubaidulllah (RA),
    • Zubair Ibn Awwam(RA),
    • Abdur Rahman Bin Awf(RA),
    •  Saad Bin Abi Waqqas (R.A),
    • Saeed Bin Zayd (RA),
    • Abu Ubaidah Bin Jarrah (RA),
    • Bilal Bin Rabah (RA),
    • Khalid Bin Walid (RA),
    • Abu Sufyan Ibn Harith (RA) and
    • Salman Farsi (RA).

3.       Family Tree of Muhammad (PBUH)
Family Tree of Muhammad (PBUH) outlines the blood relationships of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and lets you know about how people are connected to Him.

4.       Search Bar: Search for the Family member of Prophet (PBUH) or His companion directly from typing in the search bar.

5.      Sharing Option: Share the information you found useful with your friends on different platforms like Facebook , Twitter, Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, Gmail, Google plus and Text messages.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH friends mobile app


Friends and Family of Muhammad PBUH is one of the great Islamic apps for your smartphone as it gives you knowledge about Islamic personalities in just one click at one place. Download Friend & Family of Muhammad (PBUH) free of cost on your smartphones now and learn about the important people in history of Islam.