Importance of Akhlaq (Good Character) | According to Quran and Sunnah

Akhlaq is an Arabic term referring to practice virtue, morality and good manners and character in Islam. In simple words, we can say that Akhlaq is basically the ethics, good conduct and moral character of a person. It has been reported that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said about Akhlaq in these words: “The only reason why I am sent is to perfect good Akhlaq.” 

An act of goodness is much dear to Allah Almighty than one’s wealth and richness. We should also know that from where this goodness comes. Goodness comes from good Akhlaq which is the practice of virtue, ethics, morality and also a good character. Allah Almighty said that person’s Akhlaq is a tremendous thing in His sight.

We should try to improve our relations with those whom we do not get on; we should seek forgiveness from those who are angry with us, and we should create such a feeling of brotherhood that the Muslim ummah becomes one in reality. This is known as good Akhlaq that we should keep developing between us. If you want to show someone that you are a good person then show him with your Akhlaq because the sign of a good person is that his Akhlaq is excellent.

Quran is the source to cure our Akhlaq because Quran is for all humanity and for all purposes of life. Dhikr of Allah Almighty is the thing to improve Akhlaq. So we have to do sincere dhikr of Allah Almighty and such a light will enter into our heart that people will say what good Akhlaq this person has.

The word Akhlaq appears in the Quran that says of the Prophet (SAW): “Indeed, you are of lofty character” (Quran, Al-Qalam: 4). Akhlaq also appears in many hadiths confirming the necessity and importance of ethics in Islam. An example is one of the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW): “The most beloved of you to Allah is the best of you in character” (Bukhari)

Akhlaq or ethics is fundamental to the make-up of mankind; it is not just for making faith. Prophet (SAW) said in his hadith about good character in these words: “There is nothing weightier in the scales than good morals and manners.” (Abu Dawood). He used to teach people about good Akhlaq and moral values and also said about it in one of his hadith: “Truly, the believer can reach, by means of good manners and morals, the degree of one who constantly fasts.” (Abu Dawood)

Indeed, the Prophet (SAW) laid down for this humankind the framework of perfect human morality. The Allah Almighty said of him, “Truly, your character is Excellent.” (Quran, Al Qalam: 5). Prophet (SAW) came as the perfect embodiment of what it means to be moral and mannerly for all mankind not just for Muslims.

Being Muslim it is our duty to follow the Sunnah of Prophet (SAW) and try to show good Akhlaq towards all people no matter one is Muslim or non-Muslim. Good Akhlaq also includes the sincerity, honesty, and truthfulness in doing the acts of worship like Charity, Salah, Quran recitation, and Tawbah. We should approach Allah (SWT) with beautiful etiquettes for Allah loves the one with good conduct. One’s good character and good Akhlaq are the reasons that take him closer to Allah Almighty which ultimately takes him closer to Jannah. May Allah Almighty give us knowledge and strength to keep good relation with all mankind! Ameen