Tips to Help Kids in Memorizing the Quran

The Holy Quran is the 4th sacred book of Almighty Allah. The Noble Quran has a great status in the lives of Muslims. It is the book of guidance not just for Muslims but for the whole of mankind. Muslims seek guidance in every matter of life from the Noble Quran. In order to understand the teachings of the Quran, we should learn it by heart with proper understanding. Muslim parents should teach their kids the Quran from childhood so that they can lead their life according to the teachings of Almighty Allah. The Quran learning has great significance in our religion therefore, the hafidh(one who memorizes the Holy Quran) also has a great standing among the Muslim ummah. Hafidh is the one who not only remembers Quranic lessons but also serves as a means of educating Muslims kids. As the Messenger (PBUH) of Allah SWT once said:

“The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others.” (Bukhari)

The best legacy that a Muslim parent can leave behind for their child, is to facilitate their connection with the Quran from early childhood. Muslim parents make sure that their kids start learning the Quran at an early age so that they could finish it in time and then throughout their rest of life consult and recite Quran for their respective purposes. Children are not aware of what the Quran is and what importance does it carry for a Muslim, so it is the duty of Muslim parents to make sure that the child develops an interest in Quran learning. The forceful learning of Quran would result in learning but when it is done with interest it means better understanding. Therefore, it is imperative that kids should learn Quran with interest.

Making quran learning intresting

Tips to Help Kids Memorize Quran

Allah Almighty has given kids an amazing ability to process and retain information in their minds. They are able to absorb everything, even the slightest information that’s why children can learn faster than adults. Therefore, children should start Hifz Quran early so that they can gain benefits of memorizing the Noble Quran in early age with better understanding. Below mentioned are the tips to help kids in memorizing the Holy Quran:

  • Parents should make kid’s routine and be consistent with it. The parents need to make sure that there is a devised schedule of learning and the children are to give specific time in their schedule for learning. No matter whether it is a single verse that children learn on daily basis, however, it is the consistency in learning that needs to be ensured so that children remain in the habit of learning Quran and no gap in learning occurs, which could derail the whole process. 
  • Children at an early age can’t concentrate for a longer period so don’t worry make them listen for short in the early stage. With Quran recitation, initially started off reciting to kids small Surahs. The shorter verses made it easier for them to follow thereby aiding memorization.
  • Parents should develop the interest of the children in Quran learning. This could be achieved in a way that Quran learning should be pursued in various ways. For instance, the parents can have the children read the Quran, then teach them to recite the same verses on another day and after some days one could ask the children to memorize a particular verse. This practice keeps the children interested and keeps the boredom away from the children making sure that every day they pursue learning of Quran with a new spirit and work their best every day to meet daily objectives.
  • Keep a Quran log & reward kids when they may need extra encouragement. It will work well with younger children who may not understand why this is important. For example, if the age of your kid is 3 and you are starting him/her to learn the Quran then giving them gifts on each milestone can help them keep going.
  • Parents should create a learning environment & make Quran understandable for children.
  • When children start learning and reading Quran at such an early age, the chances of them getting influenced by its spiritual effects increase and the children are able to experience the peace and serenity the recitation of Quran brings to their lives. The parents should realize that when the children grow up with the habit of Quran reading and recitation, they will definitely rely on Quran as a means of providing them guidance, solace, peace and serenity which comes quite handy in the world of today.
  • Parents need to make sure they actively participate in the daily revision of lectures their kids for effective learning.

The aim of every parent should be for their child to build an attachment to the Quran, whether this is through memorization or learning. Parents need to improvise and use ways that make learning easier and interesting for children to memorize the Noble Quran.