Traditions & Beliefs in Islam

Every religion has its own traditions and beliefs that sets the framework of that specific religion. The followers of that religion follow and obey those traditions and beliefs on a regular basis to show the image of his religion in a community. Just like other religions, Islam has also defined its traditions and cultures that make it dominant in other religions. Muslims have interaction with Islamic practices on a daily bases to make a strong connection with ALLAH. This interaction is based on some traditions and beliefs that could take more closer to Islam and ALLAH. 

Beliefs in Islam

Islam is the name of belief and faith that there is no other God then ALLAH, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last messenger of the ALLAH and Holy Quran is the last sacred book. Islam defined six beliefs that must have to follow and put strong faith in them to be a Muslim.

  1. Belief in Unity of God: There is no God other than ALLAH. He made this world and all creations alone. He is the only superpower.
  2. Belief in Angels: Muslims believe in angels who are unseen creation of God that is present for the purpose of ALLAH. They worship ALLAH and perform their duties which are assigned from God like Jibrail A.S.
  3. Belief in Books of ALLAH: Muslims believe in the number of books that revealed on different messengers from ALLAH, but they follow only one book the Holy Quran revealed on the last messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  4. Belief in Prophets of ALLAH: Muslims believe that many messengers are sent by Allah to the people. They show the right path that takes them near to ALLAH. But Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger of Almighty Allah for all humankind with the message of Islam.
  5. Belief in the Day of Judgement: Muslims believe on the day of judgment where everybody gets his reward according to his/her actions. If he follows the Islamic teachings he will be rewarded by Paradise and if not so, he will be punished in hell.
  6. Belief on Doomsday: Every Muslim believe that after death he will be live again on doomsday and that life is endless life.

Traditions in Islam

There are over billions of Muslims live in different countries, have different languages, different living styles but have one common thing is Muslim Tradition. The most common thing in Muslims from any corner of the world is to believe on one thing that

“There is no Lord but ALLAH, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His last messenger”.

Muslim traditions represent many different traditions groups such as Asia, African, European cultures. They have also owned their traditions and cultures according to the region but the Islamic traditions are the same whether the Muslim community living in any corner of the world. Such as Accepting One Lord ALLAH, following the Holy book Quran, and believe on all Prophets from Adam to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and believe in Doomsday.

Islamic traditions and culture are based on Quran and Sunnah which are followed by each and every Muslim all over the world. Some examples are, Reciting the Dua before any action like eating a meal. Start of the morning, Sleeping, Starting the journey, drinking the water, etc. 

When two Muslims meet each other from any country the most common thing is that they greet and welcome each other by saying Aslam-o-Alikum. This is the big tradition through that Muslim can be known by anyone.

When a new baby born, Azan is giving into his/her ears to fulfill the Islamic tradition. Now, this tradition is followed by every Muslim from any country region of the world. The Marriage Tradition that is defined by Islam is Nikah. Whenever a marriage ceremony happens in any Muslim country, Nikah is the common tradition which the Islamic tradition anywhere in the world.