What Is Islam And Who Are The Muslims – The Truth Revealed…

Islam, the second biggest religion of the world after Christianity has around 1.2 billion followers who call themselves Muslims. Day by day, the circle if Islam is widening at quite a commendable rate, i.e. 2.9% increase in its followership per year, which is amazingly higher than the number of births which is increasing at a rate of only 2.3% yearly.

This increasing popularity of the religion has made many people probe deeper into what actually Islam is and who are the real Muslims? Where media of the west is constantly seeding the young minds with a negative concept of Islam, it still remains one of the biggest religions of the world with a tremendous number of supporters.

Quran a source of guidance for all human being

This is what “YOU” think about Islam and Muslims:

When the questions like “What is Islam?” or “Who are the Muslims?” are raised, the only answers you’ll get are “Islam is the religion of war and Muslims are the terrorists”. But there is more to Islam than such false accusations, and people around the Globe are advised to explore it themselves and then judge the true character of Islam and Muslims – you’ll be shocked by how different your answers will be when compared to what the western media portrays!

The Holy Quran and the religion Islam say something else – Whereas the west is busy propagating its own established fake story regarding this sacred religion. It wouldn’t be wise for you to judge something unless you don’t know about it, and it’s your responsibility as an individual to find out why so many Muslims are following Islam with all their hearts and mind, and to find out the force uniting these Muslims despite the bogus claims made against their religion. If nothing else, this finding will at least let you know 22% of the world’s population much better!

This is what Islam and Muslims really are:

For every Muslim, the Quran is not just a book but a complete way of life and this is why they follow Quran persistently throughout their lives. Now believing every word in the Quran to be the exact message from Allah Almighty, here are only a couple of verses quoted from the Quran:

“Fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but do not transgress limits, God does not love transgressors” (2:190)

“If they seek peace, then you seek peace. And trust in God for He is the One that hears and knows all things” (8:61)

These two verses have been cited to eliminate your concept of Islam as being violent, aggressive and destructive. The word “Islam” itself means peace and harmony. In these two verses, Allah has clearly stated that he can’t love aggressors and fight is only permitted for the reason of self-defense. There are innumerable verses like these, refraining people from fights and suggesting them to find alternatives and maintain peace. War is only allowed when there’s no other way left and your lives and possessions are in a serious threat. Now think for a moment, can a religion talking about peace to such an extent create terrorists, extremists, and fanatics? All Islam talks about is peace – peace with God, peace with oneself, and peace with the creations of God!

Now look at this way – if Islam talks about peace, then why are the Muslims terrorists, why all this bloodshed? And the answer you’ll get is quite simple, “because they are NOT Muslims at all!” The true identity of a Muslim is not of an extremist, but Muslim is the one who believes in oneness of God, in the angels created by him, in the Prophets sent by him, in the Day of Judgment, and most importantly in “INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTABILITY OF ACTIONS.”

Muslims are the followers of Allah, and they do this through the guidance of the Quran. For every Muslim or non-Muslim who wants to know the reality of Islam and Muslims, the Quran is the leading path. Understand the Quran, and you’ll understand how beautiful and peaceful Islam is.