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What is QuranReading? has established itself as a brand that provides Quran learning services online. The services entail all the areas of the Quran learning such as listening, reading, reciting, memorization and understanding of the meanings of Quran.

It is an online Quran schools with its head office in Virginia, USA. The Quran education is carried out be experienced Quran Tutors who know all the ways of teaching Quran while using the medium of internet. It is due to this quality service that has satisfied students all over the globe.

How it Works?

Quran learning and understanding is fairly simple with The teachers and students are connected over internet, and all that is required is a good internet connection, headphones, and a screen sharing software for lesson viewing purposes.

Courses offered

The online Quran learning courses offered at include:

  • Quran Reading Lessons
  • Holy Quran Memorization
  • Quran Translation Lessons
  • Teaching of rules of Quran Recitation

Precious Gift For Children

Quran learning is the best gift you can give to your children. It helps them understand the code of conduct laid down by Allah Almighty that will help them in becoming a better Muslim and consequently a productive member of the society.