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Allah certainly loves the mankind for he has bestowed upon us a wonderful guidance in the form of Holy Quran, which shows us the direction towards prosperity, spiritual growth and goodness. Even the Christians and non-Muslims are increasingly researching on Quran due to the simplicity and the vast level of knowledge it contains. So what are all the passive Muslims waiting for?


The Qur’an acts as a complete code and conduct of how one should spend life. It contains answers to all our social and personal problems along with lessons of how nations should live in peace together. Quran is the strongest supporter of peace and tells mankind to live united and stand united at all times. By following the teachings of Quran, we can make our life blissful which is otherwise full of pains and confusions.

Talking about the miracles of this Holy Book, Qur’an is the only living holly book that is free from adulteration and even after so many years it is still the same without even a single alteration in its character. What more, it holds answers to all the questions you may face in your daily lives. All the scientific discoveries that we witness today have been mentioned in Quran hundreds of years back! This is why scientists from all around the world are trying to interpret Quran in order to discover the truths hidden inside this sacred Book. The recitation of the holy Quran fills our heart and body with an overwhelming tranquility, and the citation of Allah Ta’ala gives peace to the mind.

Quran is a strong advocate of telling people about the greatness and oneness of Allah Ta’ala. Each verse of the Quran speaks for the sovereignty of Allah Ta’ala and tells its followers to choose the right path and not become among the nonbelievers, for they are the ones on the wrong path. Let us narrate an incident between an atheist (non-believer) and an Islamic scholar:

There was once an agnostic nonbeliever who did not accepted the existence of Allah. He met a scholar and asked him three questions regarding Allah’s existence with the motive of ridiculing the scholar and making him speechless. His three questions were:

Does Allah exist? If so, show me his shape. What is taqdeer (Fate)?

Shaitan (devil) and hell, both are created from fire. In the end if shaitan’s destiny is hell, how will it hurt him as they both are made from the same thing (fire)?

The scholar slapped him straight away! Astonished, the atheist asked what it is. The scholar replied, “This slap is my answer to all your questions”. Then he replied to each one:

Scholar: Did you feel pain when I slapped you?

Atheist: Of course I did

Scholar: Show me the pain

Atheist: I cannot

Scholar: This is the answer to my first question. Although you cannot see the pain but you know it exists. Similar is Allah, human eye cannot see the Almighty but the heart knows he’s there. Now secondly, last night did you know I would slap you today?

Atheist: no

Scholar: No one knows what the future holds, and this is called taqdeer! Now lastly, what is my hand from which I slapped you created from?

Scholar: and what is your face created from?

Atheist: flesh!

Scholar: this answers my last question, although shaitan and hell both are created from the same fire. But it will hurt shaitan just as my hand hurt your cheek.

This shows Islam is the religion based on truth and facts, and Qur’an is the only key through which one can explore and unearth the hidden facts. We all need expert tutors to guide us on every step of Qur’an learning so we can truly understand what our creator wants to tell us. Quranreading.com is an online Quran tutoring program with expert tutors guiding you to read Quran and understand what its content says. The services rendered through our website are for the better understanding of Qur’an and Islam for all the Muslims who want to benefit.

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