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Why us?

  • Simply because we are "The best" among the rest!
  • It works with you and your budget.
Why us?

With You:

We have taught how to recite Qur'an to more than 5000 students. This program is exclusively for you if:

With your budget:

We are proud that since our start we have not accepted any single dollar donation from any organization or person. We are running institution on a small monthly fee that we receive from students.

For your convenience:

For your kid's safety:

Issues concerned with pupil safety are always a top concern for our organization. You can easily and undoubtedly trust your child's protection and security when dealing with us.

We are a world known USA registered organization. When you are dealing with us you don't need to worry that you are dealing with an unknown entity/person. Our program is directed by an American Muslim executive having 15 years experience in High Tech Industry and 10 years side experience of running educational institutions. Having two young kids of his own, he knows exactly how important a child's safety is. Thus, our program is commenced in such a way that it poses no threat to your child.

As far as our software is concerned, we are an expert in technology and so your kid will be taking classes in a spyware/virus free online environment. Furthermore, the speedy interaction between the student and the teachers ensures a healthy and quick learning of your kid.

Can`t Drive Kids to the Mosque?


Learn Quran Online in An Interactive Way!

Make Call Today:


USA : 1-718-208-4590

Canada : 905-487-8501

UK : 0203-002-0934

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